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Thread: New acrostic thread

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    New acrostic thread

    OK. Spring, the season of renewal and Olly is pushing out another of his bound to fail ideas, Ox.
    I start by posting an acrostic poem, here it is,

    Languishing in languid pools
    Of tears, inhabited by fools
    Versifying, trying tritely,
    Endlessly, to express politely
    Some indication of
    Lasting and endearing love.
    Abstaining from society
    Bowing to propriety.
    Opening doors to
    Use for walking through
    Remaining faithful in adversity

    Now I am a silly old romantic, so that's my take, lets see yours using the same starting letters
    Then, when we have three more poems, (Completely arbitrary) some one posts a new poem

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    OK let's try something simpler,

    Healing is too simplistic
    Always feel antagonistic,
    Time and again I feel
    Everlasting, never heal

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    He always said, he'd never go
    And until he did, I didn't know
    That he was a fuckin' creep
    Expired love, I feel cheap

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    Hard and unyielding
    Antagonistic feeling
    Taken to extremes
    Even invading dreams

    I like the personal element in yours AA, can't seem to get that even thinking of a specific instance.
    Any suggestions for a new word? I keep coming up with things like love, hate, pride and feeling that in a way something more mundane might be good.

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    I don't know if anyone can just start er what, but here's one.

    Crumply folds melt on my tongue
    How I love to eat cheese
    Especially when there isn't mold on it
    Extracted from essence of cow
    So many delicious flavours
    Except blue cheese, I'd rather eat bung

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    Nice one Caelum, definitely more mundane, mind you I do like blue stilton.

    Creamy Camembert
    Hard Cheddar
    Exceptional Edam
    Excellent when hungry
    Sliced, diced or grated
    Especially melted on toast

    A lot of e's in that word arn't there?

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    Pills are crushed and lined and popped
    Alochol consumed
    Ravers crash and flail about
    Time is gone too soon
    You're invited to my party

    Tried and failed to write about cheese.
    Which is ridiculous. I love cheese.
    And I don't party. But there you have it.

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    Parental Absence Results in Terrified Youth; Big boys came.

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    Dallas, Texas, U.S.
    Perhaps I'll partake,
    A real time, this time,
    Real enough when things stop spinning,
    Trembling on the boundaries between,
    Youth and desperation.

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    My words must not be extreme
    Or offend those who others do offend,
    Demand changes, deadline or an end
    Even when I want to scream
    Reason must always prevail
    And never run dragging my tail
    To others in the same boat
    Even when it gets my goat

    Now there is a word that someone should have a different take on!
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