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    Iambic Parameter

    Assignments for this class are always tough:
    "Compose a sonnet in acrostic form,
    restricted in construction, per the norm."
    Of course, pentameter is not enough,
    somehow I must invent a rhyming scheme -
    to show I know and understand the style -
    if I can finish, it will be worthwhile,
    considering that I'm about to scream!

    So when my pen spilled ink so hot it seared
    ornate designs in lines across the page,
    new understanding suddenly appeared,
    negating everything that I had feared!
    Excitedly I stop and disengage,
    then yell "I'm glad I somehow persevered!"
    Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone.
    Robert G. Allen

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    Beckoning to me with its warmth
    Enchanted with the sweet folds and creases
    Darkness embraces me gently

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    Sinnister savior stands before the wall
    Aries allies amalgamated ass
    Investors vesting closer to the breast
    Nooses jesting waiting for the rest
    Thursday’s news Trump digs a deeper hole

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