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    I cut my own hair

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    Does that mean your bald?

    Can somone turn the heat up in here it's freezing

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    no sir, I have a full head of hair, I use scissors and the bathroom mirror to cut my hair.

    It started out cus I was being cheap and then I found that I enjoyed doing it, it's quite a challenge since I don't have a second mirror, I have to do a lot of it by feel. But, the results are relatively good, people at work don't know the difference. Although it is a considerably slow process if I want it to turn out all right

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    You see, and they think this is totally pointless.

    Da noive of some people?

    Have you been here long? What's the food like? I notice they've taken our shoelaces.

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    I've frollicked in the realm of pointless posting for many years now, the food is fantastic if you take it with salt.

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    Just a pinch, eh?

    Are you left handed? I read on a post somewhere that if your left handed and you look in a mirror, say when your cutting your hair, each hemisphere processes half the visual information. Visual information that we see on the left gets processed by the right hemisphere. Information on the right gets processed by the left hemisphere. Wires that bring in information to the brain are "crossed"--visual information from the left goes to the right brain... this means that when you select a particular hair to curt, looking in the mirror, being left handed but seeing right handed the left part...

    Hold it, somone's just come in...Just when it was getting really interesting.

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    what is this? some cheap randomness thread knockoff?

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    I am not lefthanded but it seems strange that this phenomenon only happens with left handed people? are their brains wired in some significantly different way from right handed people? freaks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by alanmt View Post
    what is this? some cheap randomness thread knockoff?
    except better because a.) it's in the lounge so it will get more traffic, and b.) it was created with an entirely different intended purpose than it will actually serve.

    olly and his optimism... tsk tsk tsk

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    Sexist comment
    Quote Originally Posted by Sam W View Post
    Why would you have the urge to post if you've nothing to say? Am I missing something?
    They don't call him Short Memory Sam for nothing. How about that thread about "the plot of life?" That was an absolute doozy. Gives a whole new meaning to "all over the place like a mad woman's dung."
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