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    Quote Originally Posted by clark View Post
    MIDNIGHT -- How To Measure Your Success As A Parent

    I have five children.

    • None has ever been charged with a crime or spent a day in jail
    • None is or has been a drug addict or dysfunctional alcoholic
    • All of them finished formal schooling to the level they needed
    • All of them have been gainfully employed all their adult lives
    • The three that have children raised them with solid values
    • Four of the five love me. We all enjoy each other. The fifth will have nothing to do with me. 4/5 ain't bad.

    I'm a screaming success as a parent!
    Clark, my son failed on the first four of those, yet at 46 he's doing great. Is that nurture or nature? Did my early efforts finally take hold? Looks like it. Maybe I wasn't so bad after all (at the time, his teenage years, I really did feel like a failure). Also, he never blamed the parent - me or his stepmom. Amazing in a time when some want to blame their failures on their mom and dad. Let's both pat ourselves on the back.
    "Self-righteousness never straddles the political fence."


    "The bible says to love your neighbor. It's obvious that over the centuries it has been interpreted as the opposite."
    (sarcasm alert)


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    "I believe in nothing but the holiness of the heart's affections and the Truth of the imagination". Keats, ​Letters

    "No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main . . . any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls -- it tolls for thee. " John Donne, Meditation XVII

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    Quote Originally Posted by Winston View Post
    My son was accepted to University of Washington, Tacoma.
    He wants to live on a boat in a nearby marina. That would be inexpensive moorage and still close to the school. My wife wasn't cool with that idea.
    Then we recently watched the movie Dunkirk. I tried to reassure her that there was no real chance Nazis would bomb and sink our son docked in Western Washington State.
    Nobody advertises their bombing raids in advance, what about Pearl Harbour
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    A classified document was just leaked claiming a deep cover Mossad agent named "KB" was liquidated this weekend. The agent was about to go public with details regarding a multinational plot to use the Coronavirus as a flash-point event to establish a New World Order hegemony. Probable DARPA and GRU assets were activated, and the procured untraceable nanites turned the helicopter transmission gears into grey goo.
    Plausible deniability procedures are in full effect, but sources have a partial transcript between codename "Orange Man" and "Bear Rider Vlad":

    "...Holy shit P-man, I think I'm gonna be sick."
    "This Kobe is not the first man you killed, no? It does get easier."
    (indistinct sound of retching)
    "I think I need to talk to Rudy. He can help me..."
    "I think you already talk to much to Rudy, Donald. No. What you need is good mistress. Take mind off of things."
    "Vlad, you're an asshole. You know Melania would have my balls."
    "I though she already did."
    "Why do I even call you? You're a power-hungry, expansionist sociopath. And your country's food sucks. And it's cold there..."
    "You call because you are lonely. You have no friends. And we are quite literal partners in crime."
    (muffled sobbing / break of 11.5 seconds)
    "Yes Donald, it is your dime, as they say. What is it?"
    "I had a favor to ask. Regarding this thing we have going on at the end of the year. November..."
    "Say no more. I talk to some people, they make things happen. No worries. Just four more years of being good friends."
    (sniffle, sound of nose blowing)
    "I know I don't say it enough. But Vladimir, I love you."
    (dead line)
    "Dammit Vlad! Say it back! Please? Please..."

    (end of transcript)

    "Wubba Lubba Dub Dub!"


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