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11-05-06 | Scores (1 Viewer)


Senior Member
This was my first LM attempt and (not to sound concieted) I think I did pretty well at fourth place. There were some great entries; I personally enjoyed Krim's the best.

And yeah, I know the end of my story was sort of obvious, but I was kind of looking for that stale-joke feel. I was playing off of the joke that silverwriter posted, it was pretty corny and predictable, but that's what made it fun. I know I could do better and hopefully I will in the next LM!

Fantasy of You

Senior Member
I just moved house. No net and all that. I came second! Yay! And to star, which is even better - had me laughing out loud.

Lesbian breasts, smashbian breast.


Senior Member
Yeah, I seem to not be doing so well in these LM competitions... Maybe I should take longer on them? Mark my words... I WILL get a decent score. lol.