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    Dan Cailler

    Me etc

    I am a grad student of Mag, Newspaper and Online Journalism. I am the most social introvert you will ever meet. And the weirdest.

    I wrote, edited and self-published a 150,000-word horror novel in 2006 called Waking. I may or may not have aroused a bit of Hollywood interest in it.

    I started a sequel to Waking, but bailed after a hundred pages or so. Since then, I have almost completed a young-adult fantasy/adventure which I am currently trying to get in the hands of a Lit Agent.

    My head is always full of ideas. I hope to get some good networking done here.

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    Well hello there mister high achiever, you no doubt will fit in nicely I’m actually pondering the thought of looking up your book for giggles & those well thought of shits.
    As well to actually see if your horror is up to standard.


    Dan Cailler - LinkedIn

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    Hi I am a newbie from nyc. I am always looking to improve my writing skills and meet other writers as well.

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    Hey, all. Welcome to the community!

    See you on the boards.
    How To Get Critiques On Your Work: WF is very much a give and take community, meaning the best way to get constructive critiques and comments on your work is to give them to others.
    "Shut up and write something." —eggo
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    Hello everyone. I was a part of this community a while back, but I can’t remember my login :/

    So, I have a new one

    Haven’t done much writing recently, want to get back into it. I work as a web developer in California.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lanaer View Post
    Hello everyone. I was a part of this community a while back, but I can’t remember my login :/
    It helps to use the same details everywhere

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    My name is Leila and I'm 19 years old.
    I love to write x

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    Hi, my name is Jack. I am 54 and I like to write. But I could crit too as it helps me to become a better writer (or less bad, depending on opinion).

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    Hi all. I love writing and I especially adore discussing it. I'm hoping I find lots of opinion, gain some knowledge and share some.

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