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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Hello. I'm Ibidun and I'm a short story writer currently creating another novel.

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    Welcome, Ibidun! Which genre do you like to write in?
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    Ibidun, welcome to WF!

    What is your novel about? = )

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    Hi, my name is Matt. I've always enjoyed writing. I would like to improve my writing and learn about writing professionally. I live in Florida and jobs here do not really pay well. Would love to start earning some income and not have to depend on a boss. I have written for some people on Craig's List and content mills but they are a joke. Anyone remember Suite101? LOL. I think I made $7 there once.

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    Hey Matt!


    Admirable goal, it's something that I'm hoping (eventually-ahaha) towards as well!

    Any specific things you like to write? : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bard_Daniel View Post
    Hey Matt!


    Admirable goal, it's something that I'm hoping (eventually-ahaha) towards as well!

    Any specific things you like to write? : )
    Hi thanks. I like to write just about anything. Most of the time it's just on Wordpress about random musings LOL.
    I try to commit at least an hour a day but it can be hard. For now I want to get a website set up and put some writing samples on it.

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    Fiction is not an easy way to make money on the whole. Write things like local guides, or short non-fiction articles to get known then look for the people who want a web page written properly, the small firm that wants some advertising, that sort of thing. you won't earn a fortune, but it is all good practice, and if you are tenacious the $25 and $50 can add up to a living while you write that script/novel that is really going to take off, we hope.
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    Hi! I'm a science student by day and writer by night (when I should be asleep lol). I usually write fantasy but have recently started dabbling in horror. I also love beta-reading fantasy when I get the chance.

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    Hi everyone! Although I am now under a new username, I am not a completely new member of this community -- I used to post here a long time ago, back in about 2012 or so. It's good to see at least a couple of familiar usernames -- Olly Buckle, you might not remember me, but I used to go under the name VanishingSpy, and you selected some of my artwork to be in the 2011 Writing Forums newsletter. Backward Ox, I remember your name too, although I'm not sure if you and I ever directly communicated.

    Anyway, it's great to be back and I look forward to reading, submitting, critiquing, you name it!

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