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    Good evening or morning to you all and hope you are doing well. I am Janiece Desmond and I have an Associate of Arts in Christian Counseling and a Bachelor of Arts in Theology/Religion. I have written for Birmingham News as Editor for Wedding Announcements, movie critic at, photographer and model,as well as, a stay home daughter to her elderly mother as I journey on this new adventure of writing and making characters, making magic and enjoying getting to know the writing community, I am very thankful for this opportunity to be alive. Thank you for this opportunity to meet you all.


    J.R. Desmond

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    Pleased to meet you Janiece, welcome to the forum. You will have to make a minimum number of posts before you can post your original work in the workshops, so have a good look around and join in the discussions from time to time. Hoping you enjoy being here, and we see more of each other, Olly.
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    MY name is Madre I love everything, like hOrror movies and I like Henry Rollins bald head. It is pleasing not in the wrong way. Please don't take it in the wrong way. I don't want to be banned. Because of my choppy sentences. Or so on. Anyways Punk Rock is the best music. MEtal is okay too tho. You should all listen to that. Also I am not hispanic, I am Jewish/french/german/polish/Jewish if you get what I am saying/ By the way a lot of races have dark eyebrows. (I heard that from my sister) Giving me the factual fact that I am in fact not Jewish nor Hispanic nor Norse nor Swedenish. Good night America and OTher places

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    Hello, my name is Tessana. I'm in a weird mood, so I've decided to tell y'all that all I want to do is get married and have two children named River and Ella, and possibly become a teacher or counselor on a Native American reservation.
    I write poetry and stories from my own life, mostly. I worship Jesus Christ, he has saved me from eternal death.
    Thanks for reading this, if you have.

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    Welcome Madre, Janiece and Tessana. Y'all are insufferably sweet and courteous.
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    Welcome new friends!

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    Hello! My name is Dave and I have been writing for years, though I have never published a novel yet. I have a couple of short stories and articles in a couple of regional magazines though. I have four novels at various stages of completion; the first is done, but I still can't bring myself to throw it out there yet.

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    Welcome to the site Dave, I see you have made a few posts already, hope you are enjoying it. I have never used it, but maybe our beta readers would be a good place to start with that novel, get someone to give it a good look before 'throwing it out there'.

    See around the place, Olly.
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    Welcome Amy......Angal

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    I'm Justin! 26 years old, and finally a writer. Dreamed about it from the time I was 8, when I started my first book. Sounds ridiculous, but I actually finished it. I never gave up. Writing is like a disease I'm infected with. Took me a long time to come around to moving into it as a career. Family didn't support it, they told me to get a "real" job. I eventually walked away from a 9-5 as the Assistant Director at a Huntington Learning Center because I couldn't write anymore and it was killing me. So I left. I became a ghostwriter. I published my first ebook. Now I'm here to improve and help others do the same. Oh, and I live in a schoolbus

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