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    Hello, I'm Iris! I'm an American, recent college grad, and living in France for the moment. I always assumed that writing would have some part in my future or my career, but a few months ago I realized that in order for that to be true, I had to actually start writing something. Self-motivation has never been a particular strength of mine, so I decided to join this forum in hopes that a community of fellow writers would keep me accountable. Looking forward to sharing my writing and reading everyone else's!

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    Welcome! I hope that you find your inspiration here ... what sort of things do you like to write?


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    Quote Originally Posted by HarperCole View Post

    Welcome! I hope that you find your inspiration here ... what sort of things do you like to write?

    Thanks! I'm not actually sure yet. Longform journalism/narrative nonfiction come the most easily to me, so creative writing has been pretty tricky to get the hang of. Up until last month I'd never attempted to write on my own terms, outside the classroom. So far I've written a short story and a few snippets of a children's fantasy novel, but we'll see!

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    Hi, Irisd and welcome. It sounds as though you are making a pretty solid start with your creative writing and this is just the place to keep you motivated and inspired.

    Take a good look around the place to discover what's on offer. You might want to check out the latest edition of Writing Forums Newsletter here It gives a good overview of what's going on around this place.

    You'll discover that we have a non-fiction forum too - just in case you get nostalgic.

    Oh, by the way, you won't be able to add your own work to the creative forums until you have ten posts but you can still post comments and critiques on the work of others, of course.

    Have fun and, if you need any help finding your way around, please send me a pm and I'll try to help.


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    Hello and welcome to all our new members here,

    I look forward to getting to kow you all better and seeing you around the forums. I hope that you all enjouy your time here at wf and that if you ened anything then please do not hesitate to ask.
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    ... a few months ago I realized that in order for that to be true, I had to actually start writing something.
    Hang on to that Irisd, it is remrkable how it gets away from you, and then you realise you haven't written anything more for ages. It doesn't have to be purposeful, erudite, or even in your chosen area. Check it out when you finish and all writing is practice, even if it only shows you what you don't want to do, prevaracation is the death of writing.
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    Smile Hello!


    I have been looking around for a place where writers, or more actually, would be writers such as myself kind of hang out and have fun as well as work on developing their writing skills and help each other do the same. I am not quite sure I am in the right place, but hope I am. My Work In Progress is historical fiction, set in England in the mid to later 1600s. I have done more research than it probably takes to get a college degree, and have been playing with my characters for some time now. I found the site, read Da Rules, and registered, and now found the introduction thread, but am not quite sure what to do next. Is there a monthly writing prompt or something that people participate in?

    Anyway, glad to meet you all, hope to get to know you better in the future!


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    Hi Adderbury, welcome to our creative community. WF is home to writers of all levels from extensively published authors, writers and poets to the enthusiastic novice. Something for everyone! We have Social forums if you just want to chillax, Writing Discussion, Publishing, Research, Beta Reader and a host of creative boards. In fact, once you become a full member you will also have access to hidden workshops that are not visible to search engines and new members.

    For a good overview of just some of what our community has to offer check our our latest newsletter >HERE>

    Any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.
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    Thanks much for the welcome Pip! I have been trying a few things, and flitting around like a moth in a room full of candles, not sure what to look at first, or try second! I am sure I will make mistakes, but hopefully not completely fatal ones........ although I wouldn't take any bets on that. I am not exactly the technical savy type. My apologies in advance. This seems like a totally cool place!


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    Hello Adderbury and Iris,
    We share the same tech skills... but, slowly, navigation
    become easier and depending on interests and curiosity
    theres many new places to discover and enjoy...
    Everyone has something to offer including you and
    the mentors are a wealth of knowledge and patience
    here to assist those of us who need it.

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