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    Is your book a novel or non-fiction?

    Thanks for the welcome, Jen. I had originally set out to write memoirs of my experiences while working as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal technician. Then I saw my paltry word count, read some comps and decided that I could touch on other parts of my life.

    It seems that the more I write, the closer my WIP inches towards being an autobiography. I already see myself editing out a fair chunk of my pre-Army story to focus on the more exciting military stories. I am torn over that decision though, because part of what drove me to write was my personal battle with depression and suicidal ideation; I want to share my experiences and by doing so encourage other servicemen and veterans to get help. I'm not sure if my WIP will be categorized as memoirs or autobiography.

    That said, the bulk of my WIP is by far a collection of short nonfiction stories that recount various missions I ran in Iraq.


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    It sounds fascinating. How about starting your book with one of the longer, most exciting missions, and then flash back to your life before you joined the military? It would take a bit of skill but you could continue in that way - running the two stories side-by-side, much like we tend to backtrack with information when we are talking about experiences to a friend.

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    Funny enough, I've done something similar to what you described. It starts with a brief chapter that opens with me working on a landmine and getting notionally killed, but becomes apparent that it's only training. The next chapter explains how I got to that point in my life with a brief trip through the previous seven years, then goes through the more exciting--in my mind--deployment experiences. I will have to give some thought about how I might execute alternating chapters.


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    Or maybe, don't restrict yourself to alternating chapters, just flashback when the story reaches a point where a little background history might fit well. I think this often happens during any story when the reader might ask (if he were able) what made the hero think that way? You will know the places where you could expand on the background story - flashback to the child with skewed ideas of what a soldier's life would be like, etc.

    Hurry up and get those first 10 posts, I'm looking forward to seeing some of your work on the workshop forum.

    Just starting out on the adventure of poetry? Why not join us on
    Poetry Hill where you will receive one-to-one advice and suggestions for ways to work with your poem.

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    Who am I: I'm Debra, a 21-year-old essay/causerie writer.

    Why am I here: I tend to get bouts of racing thoughts that make it very difficult to concentrate on daily to-dos. Writing is something I use to purge my restless mind. As a child I journalled, now I am going to try my hand at writing "for real".

    A little about me: Cat-worshiper. I care a lot about what everyone here thinks about me. Which is annoying because I don't want to seem insecure.

    Can't wait to get to know you guys!

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