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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    My (middle) name's Lanae, but when I hit publish the name on my book cover will be "Nae Marx". I came across this here site while googling the difference between close third person POV and distant. Honestly, i've never found a writer/writing related forum or site that I could resist signing up for. I've lost count of how many subscriptions I have to different writer's tips blogs but let's just say i give my right hand a work out courtesy of my computer mouse whenever it's time to check my emails. My genre of choice is Contemporary Young Adult, particularly Cross-Over YA (i.e. new adult) and YA Urban Fantasy. These are the genres I want to write books in and the one's I tend to read most often. I also enjoy a good steamy, raunchy, humor-filled, swoon-worthy adult romance novel from Lauren Blakely, Elle Kennedy, Sarina Bowen, etc. My favorite authors are J.K Rowling and the late, great L.A Banks. My favorite series are by these two amazing women: Harry Potter & the Vampire huntress legends. I also really enjoyed the Riley Jenson Guardian novels by Keri Arthur. My favorite YA book of the moment is Eliza & her monsters, a book I found highly relatable as someone who's struggled with anxiety for most of my young adult life, onward in adulthood. My favorite romance trope is hate-to-love but it's so very rarely done right. Sally Thorne didn't seem to have a problem tackling though...which is why I LOVE & Always reccomend her debut novel "The Hating Game".

    This year will be my first attempt at sticking to only ONLY writing project for NanoWrimo...or rather it'll be the first year i don't tally up all my words for multiple works in progress to total 50,000 words. My sister is also joining me to take on the national novel writing month so i'm excited about that as well.

    So yeah....

    that's all I have for now.

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    Welcome, you will fit right in here. Sounds like you have a real passion for writing, and you being a new member is not only a plus for you but us as well. I'm glad to have you as part of the family...Bob
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    Hello good evening and welcome Birdy, just joined myself so like you I'm still a freshman. One could get lost in a place such as this, so much to see, so much to do. Thing you got to remember is, writing's a bit like sailing in a boat, the days when you let words flow on to the paper or type them on a keyboard are the calm days, but when the sea is rough, that's the time when you can't think of a single thing to write.

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    hi all, I just recently published my first book and I am looking to talk to other authors about all kinds of stuff. Hope to see you all in future topics.!

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    Welcome, Cindy and congratulations on publishing your book. What type of book is it? I like to write short stories and poetry, how about you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MacDub View Post
    Awesome. I've been trying to remember this website for years, and today I received an email that lead me back. It's weird and embarrassing seeing what I did so many years ago, but I really like this forum. So, let's see what weird and embarrassing stuff I will do now to look back upon five years from now. All jokes aside, I like the writing exercises and the community of writers I have not found elsewhere. Thanks again. You all are great.
    Hi MacDub, and welcome back to our creative community. So do you prefer the poetry or fiction challenges?
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    Quote Originally Posted by PiP View Post
    Hi MacDub, and welcome back to our creative community. So do you prefer the poetry or fiction challenges?
    Hello PiP, thanks. I mostly enjoy the fiction challenges, but I do like to mix it up a bit. There might even come a time when I try my hand at some nonfiction.

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    I am taking my first baby-steps into the world of writing. I've had aspirations to write fantasy since I was young, with my imagination being fueled by Tolkien, Heinlein, Terry Pratchett, and Michael Crichton.

    I'm in my thirties now, and making my first attempt at writing something other than a college paper; I'm writing about my personal military experiences from the past fourteen years. I have flung myself head first into my work, and in the past two months I've written 60k for my manuscript. I've learned a lot through reading various threads here, and have spent hours editing based on advice I've seen posted on the forum.

    I look forward to developing my skills here as I read, write, and maybe one day critique.


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    Hi AphoticN and welcome. I'm glad you decided to take the plunge and join up for membership. This is a great place to be for inspirational help from like-minded people. You already know how helpful the advice from our experienced members can be but don't underestimate the comments that simply give an honest reaction to the posted work. All writers need feedback and to hear how a story has come across to a reader can give the writer an insight into way the work is being perceived and which aspects need work. So don't be afraid to jump in and leave a few comments, your input will be appreciated and it's the best and quickest way to get to know everyone.

    Fourteen years in the military must have given you plenty to write about and I'll be interested to read some samples of your work once you've got your first ten posts. Is your book a novel or non-fiction?


    Just starting out on the adventure of poetry? Why not join us on
    Poetry Hill where you will receive one-to-one advice and suggestions for ways to work with your poem.

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    Hi AphoticN, So glad to see you here. This is a super place for writers who are interesting in improving their craft, and just a lot of fun. Everyone is very helpful and nice and I'm sure you'll fit right in. Am excited to read your work. Welcome!
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