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Thread: Introduce Yourself

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    Hi Hicaspor

    and welcome to WF. Please tell us a little about yourself so we can get to know you better
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    Thanks everyone. I am Jeffrey Estrella, a married 39 year old city lawyer and volunteer police member in NYC. I have a self-published novel The Time Stone, first in a series with nine books in total on various online websites. I encourage you to check it out for less than a cup of coffee and tell me what you think. I have received feedback from agents and members of the general public. Most people tell me it is an excellent story, it does pick up in the middle of the book so worth the wait to get there, and it is a powerful depiction of hopes dreams and the power of good prevailing over evil not just externally but inside all of us. I can also add that many of the characters in the beginning of the book were designed without emotional connection or strong back stories for a reason as they are essential to the main plot but not relevant in the grand overarching scheme of the story. The Time Stone focuses on four main characters, four unlikely heroes from opposite sides of the track that embark on the ultimate human adventure surrounding an ancient alien transportation device. It is broken up into four parts so you have the opening which sets the stage for the characters and then a fast-paced adventure to a satisfying conclusion, or what I believe is satisfying and hope others concur. I believe many liked it so far and there is a quasi-small but hopefully growing fan base developing. You can see from the comments and reviews on that The Time Stone has evolved and been changed a bit since its initial self-publication in 2014 and now it is continuing to evolve with a new third edition and eight books in the series, including the sequel The Time Stone 2: The Curse of the Jade Dragon, Part I. I envisioned a series from the beginning. I also have four books in the mini series The Time Stone: Christmas Legend, which began about 2014 and has added one every year with those same four characters up against a seemingly implausible nemesis. Also there are two stand-alone stories in connection to the series involving other characters in The Time Stone Universe, The Time Stone: Let God's Will be Done and Temporal Hawk. I have many more I am currently writing and developing and hope to release soon. I encourage you to read The Time Stone as the true emotional connections of friendship and team spirit are put to the test in the later chapters as the four main characters meet and soon connect to form what can only be described as a new family. Let me know if you do and you are interested in this. Have a wonderful day.

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    Hey there Jeff, welcome to WF!

    First I'd like to thank-you for your volunteer work with the NYC police.

    Also I'd like to congratulate you on your success with your books. Would be very interested to hear more about your journey of becoming self-published, and the world of agents. Once you get 10 posts you could even share a little free-sample (if you so choose, of course).

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