Out-of-date update on my NaNo (2008)

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Thread: Out-of-date update on my NaNo (2008)

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    Out-of-date update on my NaNo (2008)

    [NB This is my first attempt at Plain Text: dashes around a word/s indicate italics and asterisks, bold - if they are there! I just hope the paragraph breaks are.]

    Hi to everyone in the WF/NaNo gang!

    I owe you an explanation. Never did tell you how I was getting on with NaNo, even though I'd discussed it at some length here with dear Raging Hopeful (hope you're reading this RH, I'm grateful to you). It's really good to see so many WFers did well and special congratulations to Moderan who seemed to be way ahead right from the start!

    Well, my month was a bit of a sorry saga, I'm afraid. But, like lilacstarflower (see Moderan's thread: "It's over!"), I've learnt a lot and hopefully my fiction-writing will benefit from that in the future. I'll tell you how it went...

    My plan had been, as I said to someone on these boards, to "whack-out" a sci-fi idea I'd had about ten years ago and which kept haunting me. But then I realised it would need too much research to be able to do in time; and, besides, science - which I never did at school - was not going to be easy to write.

    So, I thought about romance and a little dream I'd had about living in a beautiful house in Italy (I live in a council flat in SE London!) and my son visiting and falling in love with the girl he would marry. I could fictionalise that (it -was- fiction!), add a rival, a priest, a few mobsters and a carer/friend for me (I would be the narrator in my wheelchair, watching and listening in sunny silence!).

    But that wasn't to be either: again, lack of knowledge of subject!

    Back to the sci-fi. Had a month to go. Started the research and "whacked-out" a 10,000 word outline. I was ready...

    On Halloween though - the night before we all took to our keyboards/pens, etc. - one of my brothers came to dinner and said something that made me so mad it reminded me there was still lots of nonfiction I wanted to get out (re: MS/family, that-sort-of-thing). Well, nonfiction (former journalist) being what I usually "do", I thought, "Oh heck, why not be a 'NaNoRebel' - as they call them - and at least write something I know. I still had a -Letter- I was working on for a son I had adopted in 1969, maybe I could write another Part to that..."

    Ergo: that's what I decided to do, on the morning of November 1st! Mad.

    Anyway, it was going well: 15,000 words by day eight and I was enjoying writing it. But... You know those emails we get from Chris Baty (founder of NaNo) and all the other "encouragers"? Well, they started getting to me: I felt like a fraud (not writing a novel) and also wished I was sharing all those highs and lows with everyone else (I loved the forums). I wanted to be writing a novel!

    And then my son (Tom - born 1980!) stayed here for a couple of days, so guess what? I stopped! And realised how exhausted I (already!) was.

    A week later - after a good rest - I was re-connected with the sci-fi, struggling, still researching and editing big-time! I had nothing to offer NaNo. Yet...

    Here I am, writing-“Don't burst the bubble, darling!"- in very slow-motion, learning science and algebra for the first time - and, other than keeping my brain active, I can't really think why - and (wait for this!), I've been accepted on a postgraduate (I have BA Hons English), online course in astronomy (astrophysics to be precise)!

    Oh, I wish I was younger and able-bodied (and faster!), then I'd be really excited (I was for a while) and keen to do well. At the same time as write a great novel!

    But now...? Hmm. All last week I had 'flu which dear Tom brought here and I'm weaker than ever. Oh, I don't know.

    Still, I thought I'd let you guys know how it went and where I've been. It's so good to be back. It always is after these forced//little hiatuses!

    See you soon.

    Love, Virginia

    P.S. If I am still on planet Earth next NaNo, I'll try the romance!

    P.P.S. Has anyone else done a course in astronomy? Does space-talk make you nuts or was that the 'flu made me feel psychotic last week? ('Course you probably do need a bigger brain than I've got to handle it!)

    It's an ill wind... NaNoWriMo 2009 winner. (MG) WIP.
    "Don't burst the bubble, darling!" (spec-fic) WIP

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    Hey, not bad, I did keep the breaks. Stange though, that I got italics and dashes! Ah well, it's getting better. You'll hear more from me from now on!

    Gosh, it's good to be back.

    It's an ill wind... NaNoWriMo 2009 winner. (MG) WIP.
    "Don't burst the bubble, darling!" (spec-fic) WIP

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