The Dark Knight, for the second (maybe third?) time. Regardless, it was the first time I watched it as an adult. Surprisingly good, and surprisingly deep. It had a very nuanced (but very clear) view of good versus evil. I really liked that. I liked when it decided to be a noir film, as opposed to a Christopher NolanTM film. The big, panoramic shots of grey skylines do very little for me besides evoking a depressing insurance ad. I wish the story was a bit tighter. I especially wish Nolan would stop using those stupid grey-blue filters, as opposed to just lighting the scene properly. STOP, please. This is the number one reason I hate modern films.

As an adult, I expected to either cringe or be revolted by Heath Ledger's now-iconic Joker performance. But honestly, I'm extremely happy to say that both he and the writers really hit the ball out of the park on this one. This is one of those performances that makes you uncomfortable while still underscoring rock-hard moral truth. Really, I'm not sure it's even particularly subversive. By the end, Ledger has essentially declared himself Satan-- and with one of the primary themes of the film being temptation, that works really, really well. The fact that edgy teens on the internet have (sort of) ruined this character shouldn't make anyone think Ledger's performance less brilliant. Hats off to Mr. Ledger, and may he rest in peace.

Negatives? Some fat could have been cut. The love triangle was forced, and the story works far better if Rachel just loves Harvey. Nolan's aforementioned fetish for grey continues unabated. And maybe this is just me, but Christian Bale just doesn't make a very convincing Bruce Wayne. Maybe I've got his performance in American Psycho burned into my brain, who knows.

As a final note, I absolutely LOVED Commissioner Gordon. By far my favorite character. Smart, tough, moral and tortured, he's film-noir to a tee. When does he get a solo spinoff?