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Thread: What's the last movie you watched?

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    Sony Christmas channel on free view channel 50 have now changed to Sony classic film...so far watched two..it should happen to you....
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    Ford v Ferrari

    This was one great movie! In half the movie your eyes are bugging out from intense racing action, and in the other half, you get to enjoy the camaraderie of Carroll Shelby and driver Ken Miles, played superbly by Matt Damon and Christian Bale.

    Bale should get an Oscar nod for his performance and the movie itself should win Best Picture. Very few movies are perfect, but this one comes close. I'd give it 5 / 5. It's the best film of the century so far.

    Also, see it in a theater. I doubt the racing scenes are nearly as intense on a home screen unless you have a really good system. Then again, if you're old like me, you might not be able to understand much of the dialogue--especially that of Bale, since he speaks with a thick British accent in the movie. We're going to watch it again at home so we can turn on the subtitles and actually understand what they're saying. I think I got most of it, but in some parts it was like, "What did he say?"

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    I recently watched the movie Stan and Ollie on DVD over christmas. John C. Reilly and steve Coogan are perfectly cast as Laurel And Hardy. Wonderful movie.

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    Been watching Sony classic movies with Deborah Kerr in end of affair and separate tables with an outstanding cast and natural acting ability...
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndreaStory90 View Post
    I recently watched the movie Stan and Ollie on DVD over christmas. John C. Reilly and steve Coogan are perfectly cast as Laurel And Hardy. Wonderful movie.
    Totally one of my favorites this year. Excellent casting John Riley is superb in his role and he really pulled it off with the makeup and mannerisms. wonderful.
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    The Life of Brian

    Terry Jones died a few days ago, so I thought I'd watch a Monty Python movie to celebrate his life. He acted in and directed The Life of Brian, and in one scene, as he quipped during an interview from the 1980s, it was the only movie where the director was naked while the cast was clothed.

    This movie was hilarious! I'd seen it before, but this time, I watched it with subtitles and could actually understand what was being said. It made all the difference in the world!

    When it was released in the U.S., The Life of Brian was banned in several backward states. It was also banned in a few countries.

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    I can recall standing in a que and people walking along telling people it was blasphemy to watch it...
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    Once Upon a Time...In Hollywood

    What a boring, contrived mess of a movie.

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s story arc: Fading star actor hangs out with his sidekick/stuntman/buddy. Worries that he’s past his prime. Does some bad work, then some good work. Decides to cash in on his notoriety buy making Italian westerns. Tells his friend he can no longer afford his services. Gets drunk and floats around in his pool. The end.

    Then of course there’s the Manson Family. Eager to cash in on exploiting the murder of five people, Tarantino introduces the victims as characters (Sharon Tate spends the whole film wandering around Hollywood barefoot in a euphoric haze) and structures the film as a countdown to the murders, losing all continuity when the timeline suddenly jumps ahead three or four months to August 8th, the night of the slayings. There’s even a moment when an announcer on a TV show DiCaprio is watching proclaims “This is it, the moment you’ve been waiting for!”. Then, as in “Inglorious Basterds”. he rewrites history by having the gang of killers go to the wrong house — DiCaprio’s house — where Brad Pitt, having recently smoked an LSD spiked cigarette (“The train has left the station!” ha ha) kills them all, except for Susan Atkins, who is eventually dispatched by DiCaprio himself. Then Leo goes and mingles with the would-be victims in their driveway. What a killer way to end a film: people mingling.

    I’ll admit it: I love a good bloodbath, and the ‘murder the murderers’ scene was as brutal and over the top as I had expected, but it didn’t have enough relevance to the story give it the dramatic punch it needed in order to be dramatically effective.

    The entire movie seemed like an excuse to depict the Manson killers in action. When the timeline jumps forward, it felt as if I was suddenly watching an entirely different film. There is some merging of the storylines earlier on when Pitt picks up a fictional Manson girl (With painted-on hairy armpits…really? Are actresses so vain these days that they can’t bring themselves to grow some unsightly body hair for a job?) and visits the Spahn ranch, but that’s as far as it goes. It’s as if Tarantino got tired of his main character halfway through.

    Let me re-write your crummy little movie for you, Quentin. Firstly, you can’t depict a growing sense of dread by structuring your story as a timeline and then jumping ahead to the payoff like an impatient child. Nor is it ever a good idea to plop your main character into a swimming pool listening to “Snoopy vs. The Red Baron” and sipping cocktails while climatic events happen elsewhere. You threw so much away. Early on, there’s a great scene (erroneously edited) where DiCaprio is freaking out in his trailer and threatens to blow his brains out if he doesn’t nail his next scene, but nail it he does, effectively cancelling out any sense of pathos generated by his self-doubt. Change that. And everyone knows that when a popular American actor starts making films in Europe, it probably means his career is kaput. You should have kept torturing DiCaprio’s character, have him sink lower and lower (you suggest that he has a problem with alcohol, but never follow up), and then have him redeem himself by saving the day when the killers come knocking at his door. I’m not sure how this redemption would relate at all to the rest of the story, but I can’t clean up all of your sloppy messes.

    Overall, overrated. It reminded me of “Pulp Fiction” in it’s inability to build toward a satisfactory climax. In that film, the final story (“The Bonnie Situation”) was actually anti-climatic: gangster accidentally kills a guy…calls a fixer for hep…fixer arrives and…well, fixes. That’s it. No drama, no conflict, no tension. It has been pointed out to me that the scene in the coffee shop was the climax. No, it was a coda. Had something actually happened during “The Bonnie Situation”, that final scene would have been a nerve-jangling bonus.

    It seems now that Mr. Tarantino will be back to beat us over the head with his cinematic dick just one more time before he retires. It better have gangsters in it. And guns. Until then, I’ll just re-watch “The Hateful Eight”. It’s his best film and probably as good as his career is going to get.


    Oh so now we're using CGI for simple blood splatter?? How needlessly expensive and lazy.

    Also, there's no way the producers of a huge network talk show would allow some psychotic to sit in the guest chair without being properly vetted, let alone permitted to wander around the soundstage for a few minutes after shooting the host through the head. Dopey.

    Otherwise, a guilty pleasure.

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    Such a satisfying blend of art, story, and history. If this movie doesn't move you, have a friend perform CPR on you.
    Rich, vibrant, gritty. You can smell the decay, mud and fear. The characters were real people, acted perfectly.
    I just saw Dunkirk a few weeks ago. That was a great war movie. This is even better, in it's own hauntingly beautiful way.

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    How about what is the next movie I will watch?

    "The House That Jack Built". Arriving today.

    Likely the last film from my second favorite filmmaker. I've been waiting close to three years to see this. It played theatrically, for one showing, two years ago, but I know better than to trap myself in a dark theatre for three hours with Mr. Von Trier. Besides, I never go out. It has been readily available for the last year or so in heavily censored form, but that would be like eating a chocolate cake somebody had scraped all the icing off of. No.

    My mail arrives at around four PM. In anticipation of it's arrival, I shall clean my apartment and get myself a haircut. I don't want to displease it.

    I'm actually a little scared to watch it. But I will be brave.


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