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06-02-05 | Scores (1 Viewer)



I wasn't sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed judging, and I was quite impressed with all of the entries, especially given the time limit and word count limit. It looks like I was the "tough judge" of the group, but it is not reflective of the quality of the works--I think I took the point system a little too seriously. But since I applied it to everyone, I guess it evens out. Great job, everyone.

Thank you very much, Gohn, for your work on this and being patient with my questions. I would like to both judge and participate next time. Looking forward to it!


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Aside from getting a lot of fun stuff to read (ahhhh--I really did take to Ruben's, and Jess' last line about still having sex got me the chuckles) I get to do the 'I told you so' dance in someone's face.

Thank you to the judges for that, too. Thanks to your time, patience, skill and effort, I can lord it over someone. Betcha never foresaw THAT as part of the end result.

Okay, though--which one of you were high? I'm in the top five? That was a revenge piece. I got a mental bruise the size of a machintosh on my brain for it.


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aprilrain said:
Thank you very much, Gohn, for your work on this and being patient with my questions. I would like to both judge and participate next time. Looking forward to it!
Okay, I put you on the list. Next LM should be an easy one to judge, I think. Although probably more restrictive than this one. But I think it will be a tough challenge.

silverwriter said:
so, would i get a cookie if i was to say i'd like to be a permanent judge? or do i just go on an LM to LM basis?
Since, I don't have any cookies, I think I will do it on a LM to LM basis. Just because I don't want people to feel compelled to judge every single one.

Chris Miller

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I too would like to thank gohn67 for organizing, and also aprilrain, Silverwriter and mjk for commenting on and comparing these many wonderful apples and oranges, for having come up with even arbitrary “marks.”

Taps microphone. Feedback squeal wakes several in the audience. “Sorry.” Tears stream down cheeks. “Thank you. Thank you all for affording me this recognition, this honor. I know it was a crap shoot, way too close to call. Dumb luck. But this is the first literary competition I have ever won. Thus it will stand forever at the top of my CV.” Wipes nose on sleeve. “I want to thank Wyndstar for making me aware of this forum.” Blinks and waves to Wyndstar. “I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my friends, my employer, my mom and dad—” *gaak* Shepherd’s crook catches neck and yanks off stage.

Seriously all, thanks, for the inspiration to have written and opportunity to have been read here. It means a lot to me.



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Thanks much to the judges (and mjk for the perfect score hehehe) , congrats to the top 5. Hopefully I'll be able to do the next LM...

Ilan Bouchard

Lemme throw in my appreciation a second time. I remember how much time it took to judge so I appreciate those that are doing so now. This is one of the activities this forum has that really characterizes the communal aspect of this forum.


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thanks to all the judges, gohn for organizing it. Was loads of fun and I really enjoyed reading everyone's work. I'll have to try my hand again, when I have more time.