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05-30-05 | Hungover Haiku (1 Viewer)

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Literary Maneuvers: Hungover Haiku

Opens: Monday 30th May
Closes: Saturday 11th June

Hello my dearest dears, my darlingest darlings, my praised, my loved, evoked, summoned, drunk, memorized, contained and planted. Hello.

I figured we'd get the ball rolling with something nicely short. Haiku it is. The theme this fortnight is The Morning After. As with all themes, you're free to interpret that in whichever way your heart desires: the morning after a night out, the morning after a night in, the morning after birth, death, love, loss...

Ergh, I can't write Haiku!

The beauty of Haiku is that everyone can write one. If you've never written one before, I'll give you a quick run through.

www.toyomasu.com/haiku said:
Haiku is one of the most important form of traditional japanese poetry. Haiku is, today, a 17-syllable verse form consisting of three metrical units of 5, 7, and 5 syllables.

In simple terms, a Haiku is a three line poem where the first line uses five syllables, the second uses seven, and the last uses five again. The syllable count is a transcription of the original Japenese method of counting beats (www.tempslibres.org/tl/en/theo/mode04.html), and is designed to make the entire poem readable in a single breath. For example:

As it passes by
The full moon barely touches
Fishhooks in the waves.

There are plenty of conventions for writing Haiku in Japenese, but for us foreigners there really aren't many consensus rules. In terms of this challenge, a Haiku is thus defined as nothing more than a poem of five, seven and five syllables. Easy money.

There are many online resources dealing with Haiku and their writing. Some further illumination might be gleaned from Jorge's stimulating article here at WF.com.

If, after reading the LM Guide in this forum, you aren't quite sure how this whole thing works, feel free to leave your questions in the Free Love thread or contact me by PM.

Good luck!


Edit: It is no longer required for you to leave a comment on whether you want your score posted unless you don't.

Feel free to make non-submission comments in this thread, so long as they're enclosed within Off-Topic tags.

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Can't let this get by without trying.


Stark realization:
Unrestrained exhibition
And innocence lost.

*Edit: I skipped title*


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First Morning Together

Dawn's light bathes her skin
Is she still dreaming of me?
She smiles back in time.


Ilan Bouchard

[an:9990b8d1d9]Comments and score welcome.[/an:9990b8d1d9]
Where is retrospect?
Lethe, we, and gin soaks the sheets,
At right, bare nipple.


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[an:ddc23b266f]Just to make it tougher you guys, I'd like to see my score. :lol:[/an:ddc23b266f]
Vomit spray gun
Headache rocking my world
Morning Sunday fun.


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Like a novice with a PC. I read the rules AFTER I posted. So...

I don't mind having my score & comments posted.

The Morning After

Consciousness now grows
Meaningful worlds fade to black
Vapours of dreaming

Fresh Start

Cosmos creation
Newness arising from sleep
Through opening eyes


-EDIT- changed it because a whole bunch of people posted haikus on this theme

Morning after the First

Mind as clear as hell
staring in each others eyes
does that makes us gay?


[ot:7acbf6febd]For conveniance sake, I suggest from today that you only leave a comment on whether you want your score if you don't. Bucket loads of thanks to everyone who's taken the time so far. Scoring is going to be near impossible, given the pieces being haiku, but we'll do our best. Much love to all.[/ot:7acbf6febd]


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The Last Party

bottles glitter crumbs
daylight reveals hidden stains
who's that on the couch
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