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05-29-06 | Scores (1 Viewer)

This was my first LM. Maybe I'm a little vague but its hard to express in such a short format. No complaints really because it should refine my skills. I really enjoyed the exercise and am looking forward to the next. Thank You to all the judges.



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This was fun and the restriction made it a good exercise. Thanks to all the judges for their hard work and big thanks to those who put so much time into the extra's we enjoy on WF. huni.


@eggo: how i hate classifieds ...

That much is proven, lol.

Ads in the states here are written in a sort of shorthand language all their own, as they charge by the word. So, they tend to bend towards brevity and eliminate some words altogether.

The man who placed the ad was looking for a paint stripper for boats and through the newspaper mismanagment of the ad, they placed as an ad for a Striper.

As with all the judges,Thank you for reading and commenting. It is quite time consuming and (sometimes) tedious.

Thanks again.
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Actually in the States they often charge by letter. So, for example, a sunroof was (even in the 60s) known as a sroof. Or something like that anyway (so says my father).