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Oasis writer said:
100 words is actually really hard to write a story in and actually make it interesting...
Weeeell... if you left out some actually's it may help reduce the number needed. :lol:

I think the length might depend on the topic. Some will lend themselves to short pithy stories and for some the shortness will just pith you off. :grin:


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100 words would be awesome! Of course, I may be biased because I never managed to write anything longer than 1000 or something. I can't bear extraneous words...100 would be incredibly fun to try....

*goes off and starts thinking of a 100 word story...*


For some reason I get the impression that those 100-150 words would contain a large amount of abstract words in an attempt to convey much with very little.

It might, but flash is an art form unto itself. I have seen flash pieces that convey much more meaning than pieces 10 times that length.

Of course we would pith one against the other.

You started it journyman!
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My old school ran a 100-word short story competition and the standard of entry was generally very high. I did alright at it and can say from experience that most of what you can do with the format involves either a) a shock revelation or b) an experimental way of writing- there's not much else the limited space will allow. 'They die' was a particularly frequent ending :p

Anyhow, if it were to come up, I'd happily judge or enter or whatever, it is a style I really enjoy.


Just wanted to congratulate all participants on a great LM. It's great to see the forum flourish.