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“Walking on Eggshells” Winners’ Thread (1 Viewer)

Chesters Daughter

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Ladies and gentlemen, two of our poets were so light on their feet, they broke not a single shell and together emerged triumphant. Kindly hang virtual streamers and pop virtual corks and join us in congratulating our two winners, TuesdayEve for Eggshells Alway Crack, and jenthepen for In-Laws.

Both ladies will receive this month’s Laureate, and will lock arms (and hopefully not horns) and put their magnificent minds together to decide what road we travel next month.

Kudos to a wonderful duo! superbly well done, me ladies, excellent efforts both, and my sincere congratulations to two of my very favorite people. Keep doing you, poetic princesses!

Santa Bob, this baby is now officially yours, and I am very grateful you’ve adopted her for I know she will be cradled in the most learned and gentle hands. I’ll PM you before the first because I just gotta get in one more challenge related anal ramble. Thank you again for stepping up.🥰

I thank you all again for the honor, privilege, and a stockpile of inspirational memories. A happy life to all, and to all a good write!❤️
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Congratulations both of you. To be frank I liked all the poems for this prompt. And I was checking daily but don't know how I missed the chance to vote. Big cheers to both of you Tuesday and Jen. Keep sending good poems here.



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Thanks for the kind words, everyone and well done to TuesdayEve - honoured to be standing alongside you, my poetic friend. :)

Special thanks to you, Lisa for another perfectly handled challenge and every good wish for a restful retirement from this competition as you refresh your poetry bones, ready to come back fighting asap!


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Thx everyone!


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Lets get ready to rock and roll----My congratulations to jen and tuesday for their outstanding poems. Just received your prompt and will be starting the comp on the 1st. Get those pens ready.....