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“Good Bones” Winner’s Thread (1 Viewer)

Chesters Daughter

WF Veterans
We’ve had a fantastically fruitful month, yay! That said, I must give credit where it’s due. Thanks to Gumby for providing us with a solid topic, as well as to each and every entrant because you guys masterfully worked this prompt. It was a joy to traverse the “boneyard” born of your creations. Kudos to all!

While the votes were well spread throughout the entries, a testament to the abundance of quality, one poet has emerged victorious, and deservedly so. Break out the bubbly, the confetti, and please slam those palms together to celebrate our winner, Foxee for her exceptional winning entry, Good Bones.

Foxee will receive this month’s Laureate, and has the honor of selecting the road we travel next month.

Congrats, darlin’, I absolutely adored your piece, and of course, voted for it. The method of delivery for your message was powerful, precise, and poignant, you really hit a home run here, Foxee. I am virtually fanning you with palm fronds on bended knee. So awesome. It was wonderful to have you share, it’s been far too long, and I sincerely hope you will continue to grace our challenge on the regular. On a personal note, thank you, I was deeply moved by your words. Congrats, again!