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“Dusty Little Curiosities” Winner’s Thread (1 Viewer)

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There is absolutely nothing curious about the number of votes cast for our winning entry, someone kicked some ass with good reason. Kindly break out all virtual festive accoutrements and join us in offering congratulatory messages to our esteemed victor, jenthepen, for her brilliant entry, The Collector.

In addition to receiving this month’s Laureate, Jen has the honor of selecting the road we traverse next month.

Kudos, kudos, and some more kudos! Were there not a huge pond betwixt us, I’d be taking you to dinner. Your piece so embraces the prompt, and your word choices were so relevant and impeccably placed. Everyone knows I am a sound junkie, and your entry is simply delightful in that respect. Tickled me pink, it did. You deserve this win for you truly earned it. You’re on fire, my friend, across the boards! Absolutely brilliant!


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Loveloveloved THIS poem! Such a cool rhyming scheme.... Congratulations, clever Jen with the skillful pen... ;)


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and thanks all around...

lyrical is a special kind of expression.

*be gentle with yourselves*


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Haha, thanks my friend. Glad to see you around this place again. :)

Yes I'm always here but they keep me hidden from view, as to not scare off potential joinees ;). No, just been doing less poems and all over there, but got plans for much new stuff so hopefully more of that will be visible. Cheers mate, all the best PG :)