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“Black Magic” Winner’s Thread (1 Viewer)

Chesters Daughter

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Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble! Nope, the black arts had naught to do with the bewitching of the majority for our winner ever weaves lines that are magic in their own right. That said, kindly break out the bubbly, not the cheap stuff, either, and join us in congratulating Gumby for the well-earned win for her outstanding effort, Black Cat Bone Woman.

Gumby will receive this month’s Laureate, and has the coveted honor of selecting our next prompt.

Mountains of kudos, Sis! I love that piece! Creepy as hell and an intriguing interpretation of the prompt. All hail Miss Cindy! I’ve always said that I want to be just like you when I grow up, but it seems I’m stuck in my poetic teens. One day maybe I’ll learn how to shut up and stop the twenty stanza overkill, but in the meantime, please keep inspiring me with your brilliance! Hugs for Sis!
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Hey, Gumby, I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed this poem. It's creepy, fun, and very smart.


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Hi Gumby - congratulations, great poem and well deserved win, really got under my skin. I loved the atmosphere you created. Good luck with the prompt, I'd say go with one you already have a good poem written in, or one you already have a plan for. It would be very daft to come up with a prompt and then not be able to create anything based on your own idea.

Fantastic poem Gumby, well done. Loved it. All the best mate, cheers, in a bit PG


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as always your poetry soars and gives the angels cheer--- a well crafted delight...



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Thank you, phil! No worries, hey, I can't tell you how many times we both (hubby and myself) have forgotten our own wedding anniversary until a few days after it has passed. You're doing good compared to that. :)