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“Abandoned Places/Things” Winners’ Thread (1 Viewer)

Chesters Daughter

WF Veterans
The masses have spoken, and we have a tie. Kindly join us in congratulating our winners for sharing their stunning entries, TuesdayEve for This Child, and Firemajic for Ties that Blind.

Both will receive this month’s Laureate, and together will decide what path we walk next month.

Kudos to you both for your excellent offerings! Well done, me ladies fair, the bar is set higher gratis of your fine examples!


Poetry Mentor
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Senior Mentor
Congratulations, Tuesday, It is a honor to share the spotlight with you ;) Your poem Is one of the 2 I voted for, I love the way you used the prompt, so well done....


Friends of WF
Yes, thank you all,
for your appreciation and continued support
Fire is a fine wordsmith
and it leaves me wondering
how’d I get here