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  1. Srossics

    Another Goddamn Zombie Story.

    Chapter One Day One “Today is Thursday, January 2nd, 2014, and at 7: 03 P.M. Harold Wednesday passed away at the age of 82.” Dr. Kitmura said, as he scribbled some words down on his clipboard. Mom was crying like a faucet. “Ash, can you come out in the hall with me?” My dad grabbed...
  2. H

    Zynthos Chapters 4-6 Revised (13,450 word count) PG13

    This is a continuation of a book found here Feedback that would be nice: -What you think of the story -Character dialogue -Questions about plot points -Confusing paragraphs Again thank you for taking time to read this! Chapters 7-9 will be posted tomorrow.
  3. N

    The Nuva: Psychologicals

    Here we go, I spent sometime at school today working on some more! "Psychologicals," continued the old man. This triggered some muttering, Psychologicals weren't physically dangerous, but whenever you got close to one you got a ringing headache. The headaches wouldn't kill you, but they damn...
  4. N

    The Nuva: Biologicals

    I'm continuing my story! Any advice or help would be nice "Biologicals," This didn't provoke much of a reaction, as Biologicals were the most common Nuva. They most likely didn't have any exceptional traits before they, for lack of a better word "Changed." What they mutated from, no one...
  5. N

    The Nuva(Prologue)

    Another story I've been working on, any help would be appreciated. Part One: The Mission Chapter One: The Briefing Arthur Sonneville sat in front of the lit up projection screen with a dozen or so other recruits surrounding him; it was the day they were to be briefed on their mission. As...
  6. A

    Looking for a Co-author

    Hello, my name is Adam. Im twenty-two years old. I'm working on becoming an author. Im working on a main story that i would like to turn into a book among other stories. What I've realized I need is a Co-Author. Someone to help me along the way, provide constructive criticism, and work along...
  7. Tastingashes

    Shift (Apocalyptic Horror)

    This is a piece I have been working on since May of this year. Any and all comments or criticisms welcome. Thank you for taking the time to read and consider. -Nathan Prologue (Didn't you hear me tapping...?) It's dark and quiet in the hallways of Columbus University, the kind of hollow...
  8. BluntAshwater

    Bait (working title) Chapter 1

    This is my first post on here, it's the first chapter of the novel I'm currently working on. It's a second draft, although it's still nowhere near as polished as I would like it to be. All constructive criticism appreciated and I shall return the favour :) Dante sprinted down the...