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  1. Elsey2

    The End As We Know It

    Archer Callahan sat in the front seat of a school bus and stared out the window at the standstill traffic all around them. He sighed for what felt like the fiftieth time in ten minutes, drawing his baseball cap from his head and scratching his head before placing it back down. He glanced over...
  2. H

    Zynthos Chapters 1-3 Revised (11,341 word count) PG13

    So I haven't posted anything in 2 years but I remembered I had chapters 1-5 on this site and am now a lot farther. I would like some feedback on what I have. I'll be posting in 3 chapter blocks so that I don't monopolize the forum. The changes in these first few chapters may be minor compared to...
  3. Juganhuy

    Backwards World (Another Zombie Book)

    So, I am totally ADHD. I wrote 1 book. I have another 2 50% done. Another one 25% done. I just had the urge to start writing another. All different genres. What is good is I keep bouncing and writing and getting inspiration from each of them. I plan on finishing all 4 around the same time and...
  4. L

    Jesse Owens *working title* (Graphic Violence) (Language)

    Jesse Owens By: Lucifer (A.G.G.) (Looking for critiques of any kind, I know some grammar and some of my punctuation is off so feel free to tear me a new one! I also for the life of me could NOT get the spacing at the beginning of my paragraphs every time I preview post it always aligns to...
  5. WriterJohnB

    New novel, "Wendigo"

    WENDIGO is the second novel in the Shadow Fletcher series (the first was WOLFWRAITH.) Shadow, a one-handed, Native American, ex-marine, has recently been assigned as a park ranger at Breaks Interstate Park, on the Virginia/Kentucky border. It's rugged country and is billed as the "Grand Canyon...
  6. S

    Beginning of a new novel (1133 words). (language and mature content)

    WARNING: MATURE LANGUAGE AND UNSETTLING THEMES AUTHORS NOTES: Here is something I just started working on. I'm aware this kind of thing has been beaten to death, but I like writing tragedy, angst and gore, and what has more of that than a zombie novel? Basically I want opinions on this and...