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  1. Nelson

    Quality + Quantity = Success? (Maybe……)

    Please bear with this posting – it’s a bit of a long one :D Ok so, as authors we all want success, who doesn’t. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that’s a pretty safe assumption for me to make – we wouldn’t bother trying to get our work published otherwise. I have been reading up on the...
  2. S

    Looking for beta (and alpha readers)

    Hello, everyone. I joined this community to find other writers and I'm looking for someone to read and give feedback on my newly finished work. It is over 100k words, so I would only recommend it to hardcore readers, and contains sensitive topics. Please let me know if you are interested.
  3. Playing it Safe

    Playing it Safe

    Over the last week I have been doing a lot of outside work, from mowing to cutting brush to demolishing and rebuilding stalls in a barn. During all of it 'Safety Third' ( a reference to the series Rocket City Rednecks in that safety is the 1st rule and the 3rd rule is refer to rule #1) in my...
  4. Davi Franco

    Beta reader request for my 160k Contemporary Fantasy

    Hello, dear WF friends. I have finished the first book of a series I plan to do and it's the first book I'll publish, so I need feedback from readers before I send it to a professional editor. If anyone is interested, here you go: TITLE: When The Moon Rises GENRE: Contemporary...
  5. The Ivory Archive

    The Ivory Archive

    A digital journal of fiction writing excerpts derived from imagination and prompts.
  6. G

    calling all writers!

    hi everyone! i recently started an interdisciplinary arts project called green light gallery, which is dedicated to promoting the work of young artists and innovators. i'm currently seeking contributors for the project, so if you're interested, send your work to...
  7. Davi Franco

    Hello, dear WritingForums.

    Hello, dear readers and writers. My name is Davi Franco, and I was born in Nova Lima, Brazil on December 19. Since I was a little boy, I have always been very interested in stories, reading children’s books such as Diary of a Wimpy Kid by Jeff Kinney, How to Train your Dragon, by Cressida...
  8. J

    Hey! I'm new here!

    Hi, everyone who reads this. I'm Josefina and I just created this account to meet new writing buddies and talk about the good and the bad things of writing and reading. Hope you feel like getting to know each other! I'll leave a question to anyone who wants to share about their experience. What...
  9. Another Missed Opportunity

    Another Missed Opportunity

    On another anniversary of the Rodney King riots I contemplate on releasing my book King's Anarchy. My fiction manuscript concludes on my cast of professional killers getting caught in the LA Riots.
  10. Stormcat

    Getting into "The Flow" while Writing.

    What The Flow Is We've all experienced it at some point in our lives, and not necessarily always while writing. I'd like to try and induce it while I write in hopes I can write better and faster. I have been trying ever so hard to bring it about, but it seems like I can only write a paragraph...
  11. T

    The Compass Literary Magazine

    I own a literary magazine called "The Compass." Our magazine accepts creative writing about the topic of culture. Our deadline for our second issue is December 31st. We would really appreciate more submissions! Website: https://katewexell.wixsite.com/the-compass Submissions...
  12. Justin Attas

    Quarantine Writing?

    What's everybody working on in quarantine? For me, it's business as usual. I'm a self-employed writing mentor/self-published author (it's not as cool or successful as it sounds) so I've been chilling at home for months already lol. I'm working on the third entry in my dystopian scifi about a...
  13. Justin Attas

    Anyone Else a Self-Appointed, Full Time Writer?

    When I was really honest with myself, writing was always what I waned to do. Not as a hobby or side-gig. I wanted it all the time, and I had the passion to do it. So... I quit my day job to see if having time would really remedy the roadblocks to breaking out. The result... well... I'm much...
  14. A

    General writing advice needed, please?

    Hi, new here for firstly wanted to introduce myself properly. So hello and very happy to be here I'm struggling to grasp how you guys do this writing stuff and make it sound so simple. There are two things I would like to write about but neither are an actual story. I know I'd like to try...
  15. Justin Attas

    I'm also a YouTube Creator! (Focus in Writing)

    Hey all! I've read about some awesome hobbies in this big thread and just thought I'd share one of my own. When I'm not ghostwriting or working on my own novels, I'm creating videos for other writers! I joined YouTube a few months ago and I've got a wee bit of traction (almost 80 subscribers...
  16. seigfried007

    The Writing Playlist Thread

    I figured the forum could use an all-in-one playlists-for-writing thread. I've seen a lot of separate threads revolving around music through the years here, and really wanted one good spot people could go to to find something that might suit their WIP. It's been my experience that a good...
  17. A

    Ways of writing: plotting vs inspiration

    Helloeverybody! Iwant to share my thought. Ioften think about two different ways of writing process you. I thinkyou've read about both enough like me, so we can parcel those book s ontwo categories: Writing on plan Writing on a whim Somebooks teach us to plan our stories, to do...
  18. lumino

    A Better Way to Write

    The things I write do not sound good, myself not doing what I should, to set down roughly all my thoughts and render then their roughness naught. Intending lofty, cadenced words to be in all my writing heard, but thoughts of mine not fully framed, the words I write I cannot tame. And thus do...
  19. LadyF

    Lady F's Impediments In Writing

    Writing is hard. To an aspiring writer, it is even strenuous. Here are just some of the tribulations Lady F has come upon in her writing endeavors. How Is One To Hook A Reader? Here are some compelling openings of novels, critics find very cool: “There was a boy called Eustace Clarence...
  20. M

    Under Construction (Short Story)

    Hey guys! Thank you for clicking and reading my latest short story. Who knows how those business men did it. They floated in to my mansion every morning (well, it wasn’t actually my mansion, but I’ll get there in a minute) as if they didn’t have to move their legs, as if they were carried...