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writing help

  1. S

    Help! Can't decide when to use a semicolon!

    Hey guys can you tell me if I need to use a semicolon in this sentences? It would be MUCH appreciated! The cafe offered all the standard American comfort food you would imagine at a fairly reasonable price, with the average entree ranging from 8 to 12 dollars. or The cafe offered all the...
  2. X

    Need Help From Experienced Writers

    Hello, I'd like some advise if you would.... For starters, I am diffidently NOT an experienced writer. I'm pretty good at writing if I have a report or something that I'm required to write at school, but I am not one of those people who writes stories for fun. However, I want to have a career...
  3. AncientCWS

    The Mass Distraction: Writer's Block: Handled

    This is a recent article I posted on my blog at: The Mass Distraction Please let me know what you guys think! Whether you're a student with a paper due, an author with a deadline, or a sweetheart with a journal you've certainly experienced the enigmatic writer's block before. The gears and...