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  1. The Writer

    The Writer

    As a child, he liked to climb into empty tires, press his face to concrete walls, staring up through narrow cracks. Speech was difficult, like breathing through a haze of words, tangled and tilted towards starry sky. As a man, immersed inside his body of work, he keeps flitting to far-off...
  2. PiP

    Feeling Lost? Check Out 8 Useful Links to Navigate WF

    Welcome to the 'new look' WF. Here are a few links to help you navigate the forum. Forums- A list of all the forums Latest Activity - What's New!- Latest activity across all the forums WF Blog - Check out the latest member blogs or create your own free blog FAQ's and Member Guide A...
  3. Charlie

    How To File Taxes For Self Employed Writers

    Every year Amazon creates a LOT of confusion by referring to your earnings as "royalties" on the Form 1099-MISC they send out, when actually they are indeed earnings--NOT royalties. (Virtually every other online eBook retailer gets this right like B&N, and Kobo etc.) Royalties are what gets paid...
  4. theusedfire5

    Looking for writers for a blog in development

  5. debideb

    Good day everyone

    Hello all, I wanted to introduce myself. Of course my name is Deborah Rosello...Debi for all of my new friends (you). I am a 38 year old mother of three and wife to the absolutely perfect man for me. Since high school, my interest in writing was discovered when Journalism quickly became my...
  6. RonPrice

    Thinking of Graham Greene

    SEARCH On January 13, 1962, The New York Times had a review of Graham Greene’s latest book In Search of a Character. The main character presented in the book, emphasized Charles Poore in his review, was none other than Graham Greene himself. I was just at the start of my life at the time...
  7. J

    Gray headed man in shorts

    Hello, all. I'm new here and would like to extend my deepest appreciation for all of you, especially because you all are suffering from the same virus as myself--the need to write.
  8. moderan

    Musicians Central

    Leave a link here...to a tune or your music page (if it isn't in your sig). Here are a couple of mine that are writing-related: Dandelion Wine Killer in the Rain And one spoken-word collaboration with poet Emily Carmen: Drowning Let us hear you!
  9. J

    Brand new to this list!

    :read: I'm looking forward to reading many fine works here! I love this stuff! I don't think I write in one genre and I appreciate many genres including and not limited to Michael Crichton, John Saul and Kate Wilhelm. My first novel was published in July 2008 and was a fantasy called, "Dawn of...