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writers block

  1. smiledreamlove

    Lacking motivation - what helps you?

    I have two fictions that I've written a substantial amount on... both really good ideas and both fictions I treasure completely. And are two fictions that I've not really touched in awhile. It's irksome to be a writer that isn't writing! I look back on the years passed and how I used to write...
  2. UnWritten

    Writers Block. Make it go away!!!!

    I have been having extremely long periods of writers block. I understand, as a writer, that it's a part of the process and everyone goes through it. But when it happens to me it lasts for months and months at a time. The last time I had writers block it lasted for nearly three years. I would sit...
  3. AncientCWS

    The Mass Distraction: Writer's Block: Handled

    This is a recent article I posted on my blog at: The Mass Distraction Please let me know what you guys think! Whether you're a student with a paper due, an author with a deadline, or a sweetheart with a journal you've certainly experienced the enigmatic writer's block before. The gears and...
  4. N

    Need plot ideas.

    Hello. I'm writing a piece for a creative writing class, and have absolutely no idea what to do. It's inspired by a song lyric(s), which I have. I have a very basic idea of what to do, just no specific plans for the juicy bits. The lyrics are: "Let's talk about spaceships, or anything...