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  1. Travalgar

    Warmest greetings!

    Hi, all. New here. Recently, I've rediscovered my love for the writing hobby. I intend to keep this flame burning for as long as I can (preferably for life), so I decided to join communities of the like-mindeds to help me motivate myself to complete my goals. Frankly, as long as I have enough...
  2. hvysmker

    A Prisoner In Afghanistan [Adult 4,200] A German imprisoned in an American compound.

    "Welches Jahr?" I ask my driver and guide, thumping one hand on the dash. With no answer, I amend the question to, "What year?" in English. "Mad’in 1990," is the reply. Like most of the world, more English is taught in Turkmenistan than my native German. We left an inn in Gushgy, and are...
  3. Princesisto

    My First Publication

    My story, "The End Of Independence", will be published in AHF magazine in mid-October 2019, in issue 9. It is my first publication in a magazine, as opposed to wattpad or a writer's site. For me, it is a milestone: more than that, like crawling out of three years of literary quicksand, in...
  4. C

    Hi y'all

    Been a while since I critiqued or posted here so thought I'd better introduce myself again. I go by captflash80 and I write whatever happens to be swimming through my brain at the time. I have written two novels, the Hyde's Corner Series, and completed one collection of Short Stories. I have...
  5. S

    Hello Everyone/Bonjour à tous!

    It is my great pleasure to reconnect with WritingForums.com and the many talented and inspirational people here. Discovered this forum a few years ago and had a great experience. Life got busy than complicated for me so I retreated. Now returning with a new lease on life and love for writing...
  6. kbsmith

    Psychological Ownership - FF, Prose, Poetry - 600words

    PSYCHOLOGICAL OWNERSHIP of time or space or ideas and information. I exist inside a world of a billion little balls tied together with strings, bounding and bouncing off each other in a spherical field around me. The strings hold them together when they touch, and pull tension on each other...
  7. R

    A useless article. Use less. Caution. Do not read!

    In the light of new information that has come across, this particular article needs an image makeover in many aspects. As everyone on this earth wants to have ‘the best’, I am willing to give the best. Hence I am taking down the original for the time being. It will take some time to materialize...
  8. MJCaan

    What category for Superhero novel?

    I just finished my first novel, and it is now available on Amazon. It's a superhero novel, a genre I think is under served, but I can't decide what category it belongs in. It's more adult oriented, and since it's a novel I didn't want to place it in the comics section. Any ideas? Thanks, MJ
  9. S

    Re-Introducing Myself

    Good day friends, My name is Stephanie Lamoureux and I started on this forum back in Aug 2012. I was active for a while but I have been MIA. I connected with some great peeps on here (even joined a writer’s group). The group has now disbanded and I was busy perusing other projects, now I am...
  10. RonPrice

    Defining a life, a time, an age

    Part 1: Some of the following information was obtained in a bookshop in Kensington just before leaving London for Tel-Aviv Israel on 3 June 2000. That information resulted, with some additions, in a prose-poem. More than a dozen years later into my retirement from a 50 year...
  11. N

    Aspiring Writer

    Hello, My name is Nathan Milward. Ever since I was in Elementary School, I've been really into writing, although only now have I settled for it. I am currently working on a high fantasy fiction series named The Forgotten Land of Myria. So far, it's been 6 months since I first started, and...
  12. E

    How goes it, Internet?!

    Sooo my name is Emris (or is it?) and I write shirt stories and screenplays. I'm currently working on a screenplay called Twitch. Wanna read a preview? I'll probably post one if I can figure this site out -Emris J.
  13. S

    Greetings and Salutations!

    Please note: I may have posted an intro a few days ago but I did not see my post up, so I am not sure if the moderator did not approve it, or if I didn’t follow the rules of posting enough posts before doing the intro as I am a Newbie on this forum. But so far I think this site is swell and I...
  14. C

    Am New To This Forum

    Hello Everyone, My name is Victor am new into writing I reside in Nigeria and am most grateful to be part of this family. I joined this forum to learn the skills of a good writer an hopefully I know I will become one some day.
  15. A

    Autumn Reign is the "Name"

    It is a great pleasure to join W F... It was suggested from another website. I will continue to visit and I hope I can build some new relationships with writiers. I think poetry is music for the written word. Being a poet can be very lonely and often times we are misunderstood. I look...
  16. U

    Hello everyone.

    I am an aspiring writer living in London, although it is limited to my scanty leisure time. I hope I can soon exchange ideas with you all. Glad to be here!
  17. T

    New Guy Here

    Hello everyone. I'm new here and intend on posting updates on a book I've started writing. I look forward to hearing from you guys. :smug:
  18. SamEmilyK

    Hello :)

    I go by Sam, or Samu. And I don't really know what to say about myself. :D I am a freelance artist, working specifically in illustration and sequencial art [comics/graphic novel], but I also do portraits and experimentation with different styles and media. I've had many people who have a lot of...
  19. G

    Hi I'm Goggles!

    Hi I'm Goggles! I love to write and compose exciting stories! Hope to meet you all soon!:untroubled: ~Goggles
  20. S

    A New Face

    Hello. I'm S. A. Porcher, writer, illustrator and self published author. I just completed a fun, albeit incredibly time consuming, project called Six Months Six Books (details are in my blog). I'm a full time college student with a triple major, two of which are English and creative writing...