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  1. W

    Psychological horror/thriller (but not super horror-y) but feel good at the same time?

    Is this possible? I’m trying to write a story about a little girl who‘s trapped in a creepy place, filled with creepy people (so like a metaphor for the female life 😂, it’s fantasy though, the creepy peeps are more creepy creatures) and it’s kind of connected to the human mind, and also dreams...
  2. bearycool

    Bobs Worth

    Bobs Worth, I’ve really tried. I've tried my best. I’ve tried to show My all in all! I placed it in my words I've placed it in my rhyme, Yet you always said: It must be seventy hundred and twenty three! For what you say Well, no one knows! That cut my heart Of little worth. Oh dear Bobs...
  3. C

    Wassup Peoples?

    I'm new. I like to write. I'm opinionated. There's a saying about opinions and our backsides, but I doubt it's appropriate. Anyways, I like to write fiction figuring reality is already here and I like creating more than reliving or reinterpreting. I love to talk to people so send me lots of...
  4. J

    Pen vs Computer

    Okay. I'm not entirely sure if someone has posted this before, but i can't seem to find anything related under search. So my question is, does typing on the computer undermine the ability to write by pen? Ability as in writing flow, syntax and maybe even vocabulary. Because i'm still a...