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    Hungry for work - Where to get clients??

    Hi everyone! Like many people here, I'm sure, I am one of those writers constantly looking for work. All of my income comes from my writing, but I am craving some new ventures and projects. I was wondering if any like-minded/like-niche writers would be willing to share their tips on finding...
  2. C

    Hi, I'm new here, please be gentle :)

    Hi everyone, So I finally decided to sign up for a writing forum. I'm brand new here so I'm not really sure how these kinds of forums work yet, so I'll be having a look around over the next few days and hopefully joining in with some conversations and making new friends. Writing is something...
  3. Y

    Help with my course work

    Hi my name’s Yaniv and I’m a student at Rotherham college and I’m studying the course of media and animation and game. One of the course units is writing for the screen where we look at scripts and one of the assignments is to research ideas and then write a script. For my research I need to...