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  1. AwkwardWriter

    Conversation Thread!

    Hey, everyone: why don't we just have a conversation here? Conversation starter: What's your favourite word and why?
  2. Writer One

    Want to be understood.

    I will be honest, to me the subject itself tells the reader what the piece is about. That's the way I see it. Everything else is babbling. Of course one word does not tell the whole story. The story itself might have more or less information about the story. To many words might lose the jest of...
  3. Raleigh

    my type of photography

    When I am not the one taking pictures, my favorite types of pictures I look at are haunting pictures, foggy, cloudy tree pictures. I also enjoy landscape pictures, sky pictures, anything like that. But when I take pictures, I like taking pictures of, I like to be creative. These are a few...
  4. D

    Dirty Selfishness [2000 words]

    Hello guys, I've been writing this since a few weeks ago, just imagining the principal fact on the story, so I felt kinda inspired to go on with the idea and gave it a context and a meaning, it turned longer than I'd like to be, but I think I cannot skip more details. English is not my native...
  5. S

    Stand Up (excerpt)

    The old man lazed back in his chair and puffed out his cheeks. I just stood there and waited for his judgement. He read my material, squinting over each line with unconcealed irritation, as if what lay in his hands was a mere piece of paper with words on it. When he finished reading he exhaled...
  6. Dave Watson

    How many words a day?

    I've currently set myself a target of 1000 words a day and so far have been able to keep it up. As a relatively new writer, does that seem too much or too little to you more experienced scribblers?
  7. J

    Brand new to this list!

    :read: I'm looking forward to reading many fine works here! I love this stuff! I don't think I write in one genre and I appreciate many genres including and not limited to Michael Crichton, John Saul and Kate Wilhelm. My first novel was published in July 2008 and was a fantasy called, "Dawn of...