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word count

  1. Yumi Koizumi

    Scrivener & the Age Old Question of Word Count...

    Scrivener, and I imagine others, have an option to supply a target word count for the organizational hierarchy of the book. I like this idea, as I can see visually which parts need the most work, not really to keep things at a hard limit/goal. But I naturally am curious about what would be a...
  2. count58

    Do Poems Necessarily Have to Be Rhyming in the End?

    I have read a lot of poems and mostly deliver a good message to readers. Some poems rhyme; there are those that don't but have meaning to each lines. So may I ask what is the right way to write a poem? Does it really have to be long ... does it really have to be meaningful? ...:-k
  3. count58

    Character Catches the Heart

    “They say beauty catches the attention, but character catches the heart.” When a pretty woman passes by, heads turn to appreciate the beauty. It’s true ... who wouldn’t be part of a pretty woman’s life. Because many say “tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. If you are...