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women's fiction

  1. C.K.Johnson


    Trusting Ben was crazy, but Angie Lazar was out of options. To keep her daughter from the hands of her poisonous family, Angie places their future in the hands of a stranger and starts over where no one from her past can find her. She's in a new town and a new job, where Angie's discovered a...
  2. C.K.Johnson

    An Artist's Heart

    While this is a continuation of my novel, Thanks, Universe, both books can be read as standalone. 23-year-old Jewel Azevedo is a successful mural artist and engaged to Sam, a man even more passionate than she is about protecting the wild horses of Nevada. She should be happy, but there are too...
  3. C.K.Johnson

    Thanks, Universe

    Literary Romance 
    "No one knows me in Porto, I can be anyone I want to be." Unwilling to face life as a teenage mother, eighteen-year-old Pauline Azevedo leaps at a rare opportunity and moves to Portugal. She leaves behind her three-year-old daughter, Jewel, to be raised by the child's aging grandparents...
  4. R

    Beta Reader Request for first novel - women's fiction/social drama

    Title: Notes to Self Genre: Women's Fiction/ Social Drama Word Count: 107,000 Blurb: 30 something Izzie moves to the infamous Canaan Mains estate so she can afford to pursue her dream of writing for a living. A few months later and bad neighbours, bad...
  5. LCLee

    Deceitful Survival

    The setting is 1801 when women had few choices. Her journey begins when she's abandoned by her family, with no other option until she becomes a nun assigned to a mission in Haiti. She has to flee for her life to survive a revolution between the Vodun and French farmers. With a priest, René, she...
  6. Once_more

    End Rising

    End Rising - 1st Chapter - Remarks? Opinions? This is the prologue and first chapter of a story I have been working on. It is a rough draft so the grammer isn't perfect and I know that in places it stumbles - please point those out because I may not have seen them all and probably need some...
  7. U

    "Changing Color" by Usaravelli

    Ok so I've already met some very nice people and I've decided to take the plunge by sharing my Intro with you all. I have been blogging a story on my site, www.usaravelli.com and here is an excerpt. I work with a content editor and so far it's been a lot of fun. Have received some very nice...
  8. U

    Hello There, New Writer Here

    Hello There, I am new to this site and I look forward to getting more familiar with my fellow writers. I am writing about the experiences of the immigrant experiences of Indian American's.