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  1. C

    Rough Landing

    It was cold outside, and the wind was blowing making landing a little difficult. ~Dave
  2. G

    Winter before Winter

    I want to write about the snow but all I think about is the chickens, their silly pea-sized heads as they stand on the cord that heats their water and so end up with a brick of ice. I want to write about ice-skating in the park, but the parks are all woods, the ponds duck puddles and the...
  3. east_coast_tom

    I'll introduce myself with a poem

    Hello all! I wish you all a pleasant evening, or pleasant day, depending on where exactly your homes are. I am Tom, and I hail from my imagination. My job is the universe, and my life is cake. Here is a poem, and I sincerely hope you like it. The Moon There was a light out beyond the...
  4. Richard.E.Craig

    Footsteps Tracked The Burning Snow: By Richard.E.Craig

    Crisp footsteps tracked the burning snow far and distant the wild white waste, skittish clouds of ethereal swirling freezing dust. Lost is the land that once was familiar a shroud that stills and quietens , and all in the world is for but a time be-stilled. To the furthest parts of this...
  5. M

    Blood Winter

    It is begging to snow as I make my way up the darkening dirt road. The sun’s rays had faded just ten minutes before but night was hasty in its occupation of the skies. I make a left turn onto Miller Road; glad I have just three miles of driveway before pulling into my garage. And then I see...