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  1. hvysmker

    The Eternal Soldier 7,200 A company of screwups in the Vietnam war.

    Jumping down off the back of a deuce-and-a-half supply truck, I drop to my feet onto hard-packed red earth. Without a word, the driver waits, watching through a rearview mirror until I pull a duffel bag and suitcase off, then roars away, this being only one stop on his morning mission...
  2. C

    The Great Cavern war part 4 Politics and History

    After Ticius was finished speaking it was the turn of Gaius. “You see Ticius there was a power stuggle on the surface involving Virgil,Dante,Trishia and Shamgar. The short version is that Virgil and Shamgar were in a duel to determine the next Arch Wizard. According to Virgil he would have...
  3. C

    The Great Cavern war part 3 Politics and History

    After Ticius was finished speaking it was the turn of Gaius. “You see Ticius there was a power stuggle on the surface involving Virgil,Dante,Trishia and Shamgar. The short version is that Virgil and Shamgar were in a duel to determine the next Arch Wizard. According to Virgil he would have...
  4. C

    The Great Cavern war part 3 Magic

    (I would like some feedback positive or negative.) Gaius was next up and took his turn to try and impress the teacher. He picked up the sword and slashed at the dummy in front of him. After a couple of slashes the thing went down. “Very impressieve that you didn’t run away. The teacher...
  5. C

    The Great Cavern war part 2 worse then expected

    "One never knows when a magic ring will be found." Replied Ticius "Even in a dump like this barracks." Gaius looked at his friend and remember all the stories he used to tell him about his father. He wondered about all of the informal training and important guests Ticius must of grown up...
  6. C

    The Great Cavern war part 1

    (The following story I posted on another forum but I got very little feedback so I will post it here too. I really want feedback even if you think my story is crap. What parts your like or what parts you hate. So far I have written 7 chapters. one side note is that ruff riders are dog-like...
  7. lumino

    Madrina's Conquest

    Just a short little story I wrote, being in the mood of writing a story.
  8. M

    The Horror of War (Flash Fiction)

    Here is a little flash fiction piece I wrote. Thank you for clicking and reading! :-) It’s not that I am in a straight jacket in this place of eternal institution of the physical and the mental that bothers me. It’s the fact that the Lab Coats look at me sideways, like all the war boys sent...
  9. M

    Cherry Charles (Short Story)

    Hello guys! Thank you for clicking. This is a little 1940s set story of an incompetent boxer. Thanks for reading! Cherry Charles Cherry landed on the canvas, again. But his arms and red gloves still stuck up like he was ready to take the fight to the floor. The bell rang. Cherry shook his...
  10. Mermaid

    I Am Auron. (611 words)

    This is a short that I am writing for a back story to a RP I am in. Would love to have a constructive critique. Grammar is my weak spot so if you see and grammar stuff please point it out for me? Thank you for the reviews! He could feel the scorching sensation of fire ravage his veins. Unable...
  11. Apex Predator

    "SIX PIECES IN TETHYRA" | Prologue (1,270 words)

    [Welcome to the introduction to my novel! I have decided to put my skills to the test and fulfill my goal of writing a fantasy adventure. It is still a work-in-progress though I have completed a few chapters already. I will post one new chapter once per week for your critique, approval (and...
  12. jbishop15

    The Lookout

    Jake was on top of a wall, sitting in a chair, watching the snow fall in front of the sunset. He was at the edge of his seat and his elbows were dug into his thighs just above the knees and his head rested in his hands. He had been here for hours. He was watching for something. They had taken...
  13. JC.Axe

    X Faction Soldiers (Language; 22,000 words)

    I pace about anxiously, counting how many steps it takes to cross the width of the alleyway and back again, then folding that number over into how many times I’d made the crossing. So far, I’d taken 481 steps. This seemed like an unusual number of steps, considering it takes six paces to cross...
  14. gokedik

    Must this STUFF continue?

    The US, the most diverse country on the planet, leaves itself open for a set up of cataclysmic proportion nearly every day. The ‘world police’ gets itself in too far with someone else’s problem. Take Syria, this is a civil war and the US gets itself involved to protect it’s own interests but...
  15. G

    Beauty in War

    For quite some time, ive been having an urge to write, and i intend to get into some serious writing but to start off, ive been seeking ways to get tge blood and the ink flowing. Its been....god knows how many years since ive written anything. I recently found some websites that offer writing...
  16. 3

    Fight Junkies: The Tools of War (Part 2) (3400 Words) (Contains Violence)

    So here is part of chapter two of my novel. Please tell me what you think and where I need to improve. Also I did my best to break it up and make it more comfortable to read let me know if i should break the dialogue up more. As always thank you so much for taking the time to read. Chapter Two...
  17. T

    A brief excerpt from a dead novel

    A small excerpt from my first and abandoned high fantasy novel, The Company of Slag The ice chilled my breath. The cold spire, rising 40,000 feet, had looked menacing from below, yet at this height I could see all the way to The Serpent Sea. “Mount YYhargavik” was the tallest thing, and the...
  18. J

    Drift Into Chaos - prologue ( some violence and harsh language )

    The following is the Prologue I created for a novel I’m working on. The basic premise is that it chronicles the decline and eventual fall of a fictitious nation from the perspective of multiple, very different individuals. and how these individuals cope with the eventual decline and fall. The...
  19. E

    Searching for Salt (on the Island of Juntos)

    Hi All! I'd love some feedback on my fantasy novel, even if only a mark out of ten! Harsh criticism welcomed. CHAPTER ONE – THE LAND OF LILLIMOOR - LENA You know those mornings when you wake up, and for a blissful moment you forget what the day has in store for you? Well that's me this...
  20. T

    The Will of a God

    First of those stories I write when music inspires me. Just random picture in my head, write a story. I apologise for any spelling/grammar mistakes, writing on my phone with a stubborn autocorrect. Anyway, here it is. _________________________________________________ Etherions spirit was...