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  1. Justin Attas

    If You Could Pick One Topic to Get Direct Help With, in a Video or Article...

    What would you pick? I spend my weeks making writing help videos and writing articles to help others who are where I've been. I usually just peruse the forum to see what people are struggling with and take an educated stab in the dark. But I decided to try out a more "ask and you shall receive"...
  2. kbsmith

    Confined [adult language and mature theme]

    Melodramatic, horror-based, neo-noir, 80's pop punk. Here is voiceover content in most recent OWPG film: CONFINED. As written and directed by Keith Baudry and Blake Turner. Here is link to original post for video I speak of: As...
  3. J

    Editorial about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and the senselessness of war

    CONTAINS ADULT LANGUAGE AND SPOILERS FOR THE ELDER SCROLLS V: SKYRIM. READ AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. I wrote this a few weeks after Skyrim was released, and published it on Facebook, and now that I'm kind of getting into non-fiction/newspaper-style writing, I'd like a bit of feedback. (I know...
  4. WillWorks

    Kid Download: Prolgue (Language)

    This is the prologue to my book Kid Download. It's long, I know, but if anyone wants to take the time to read it, I'll really like that. Love to hear some feedback. Main Plot: A group of friends get dragged into a video game, because of mad man know as Creed is seeking to acquire ultimate...