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  1. NeenaDiHope

    "Something Wicked" Chapter 1:*Mild Violence/ Adult Language-Content* (2392 words)

    Author: Novice Writer at best with no formal training looking to learn Feedback: Looking for General critique. I have been writing this for some time now, I have gone over it and rewritten the entire chapter because I felt I gave to much background information and I wanted a better flow. Please...
  2. alexandriadeloraine

    Intro for a YA Paranormal Romance Novel (1,060 words)

    Hello there everyone; I've been up to my eyeballs busy with work lately, but I did start work on a new YA paranormal romance and I'm keen to find out what some of you think of the intro. This is very brief so far, partially because I want to avoid posting too much of the story online before...
  3. D

    Astral Prologue

    This is the prologue to a novel I want to write and get published. This is a work in progress so constructive critiques are very much wanted and value. Thank you for clicking on this and enjoy. She sat in the derelect building, the only light coming from the moon and the faraway city shining...
  4. booshfan421

    Chapter Two of my story (Still no title!!!) Warning: Language

    Chapter Two – Second Sighting and Another Mishap I ran so fast my hair streaked out behind me and my cheeks flushed red from the cold, despite the relentless June sunlight. I ran to escape the thoughts that were spinning at full throttle around my head, to escape the memories, the tears. My...
  5. booshfan421

    Chapter One of my story (Title suggestions, anyone?) Warning: Language

    Chapter One - What is wrong with the world today? “I-I can't do this anymore, Terry. You have to go,” my mom's voice drifted into my bedroom from the lounge. This was why I wished we lived in an actual house instead of a tiny apartment – then maybe I wouldn't be forced to listen to the...
  6. W

    BLANCH LOBO, the Lone star bar.

    The Lone star was nowhere, just a old and run down shack that people would pass only giving a moments glance as they passed. It had the only public light pole for ten miles, a dirt parking lot that would turn into a mud hole when ever it rained. Few people every came in except for a hand full of...