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  1. D

    The Night's Embrace

  2. J

    Véradó – The Workers (excerpt)

    The motorbikes pulled up outside the huge oak gates; simultaneously they shut off their engines, shocking the dark dusty road into silence. Displayed above the gates, a large wooden sign with the words Zeus Xenia burnt into it, welcomed the three men home. They dismounted their bikes and were...
  3. Frivle Dilby

    Remedy-first draft

    This is my first time posting this, and only one other person has read it. It needs a lot of work so any comments would be helpful. Right now I have been working on this for... Longer than I care to say. I am about 60,000 words in and I figure I'm a quarter to a third of the way through the...
  4. J

    Excerpt from: Véradó - The Workers

    Excerpt from: Véradó - The Workers Zeus Xenia (Zeus was sometimes referred to as Zeus Xenia as he was the god of travellers. Xenia from Xenos meaning Stranger or Foreigner or hospitality to foreigners) Anna led a terrified and shell-shocked Nicole, down the Beach Road to the...
  5. J


    Hi, I’m Jen from the UK and I write for pleasure. I enjoy being part of the writing community and have been on Authonomy.com for a little while now. Just wanting to broaden my horizons I stumbled across this site and I thought I’d take a look. I have written two, of a three book series...
  6. debideb

    Your thoughts on this synopsis

    Hello dear freinds and critics! My novel is done and I am in the process of doing the 5th editing pass. I have a synopsis and would like your thoughts. I have had a few bites from agents, of course have not heard back as of yet but am wondering if it could be stronger. Any thoughts or ideas...
  7. P

    I'm new.

    I'm new to writingforums. I'm not what I'd call a writer, but I've been unemployed for just over 7 years and have recently started writing as a means of keeping myself sane, in sync, and 'with it.' :) I finished a rough draft of a horror (vampire) novel recently and am looking for someone to...
  8. T

    Two Drops Of Red

    All you’ll ever see is my shadow. All you’ll feel of me is a cold breeze. All you’ll hear of me is a whisper in the night. The barest scent of death is in the air. By the time you know I’m there, I’m gone. The only signs that I was ever there… A growing darkness, A spreading cold, And two drops...
  9. A


    I will edit in th beginning on a later date perhaps.. This is approximately 1 / 3rd into the story Rekkon ... ArcaneKissing her inner thigh, my eye lingers on her exposed neck. Her moan is of lust, and her skin is sweet. ... ArcaneI kept my pace. My hands tucked away in my winter...
  10. 32rosie

    The White Rose

    Although thick on the ground, snow continued to fall. But slowly, like graceful white ladies, careful not to land the wrong way in fear of embarrassing themselves. Dariane wrapped the soft, wool scarf around her neck a third time, and slipped a pair of mittens over her milky white...