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  1. YggNate

    Love Is Not God

    Generation rent is on the march. Millennial netizens are coming of age, even starting to feel responsible for the successors to their digital nomadism. Emile MacAdaim is a crypto savvy would-be journo with a beautiful girlfriend from an interesting family. Jason Thurrock hosts a streaming...
  2. L

    Nobe's Tale (Mythology)

    This is very very brief.
  3. R

    cameron flay chapter 3 (language, violence)

    chapter 3 hopefully i start getting some comments 3 Yukis apartment really was quite close by probably only four blocks down and a left. the complex was an old one from back in the 70s, in Orlando we don’t really get high rises outside of down town because the soils so sandy, so it was a two...
  4. R

    cameron flay chapter 2 (edited, profuse swearing, enjoy)

    chapter two, editing still isnt perfect but i hope its readable let me know what you think 2 The place had barely changed since I left a few years ago still kind of dingy but it didn't have the clouds of cigarette and other smoke it used to so I guess even the magikal society has to bend to...
  5. R

    cameron flay chapter 1 (profuse swearing, violence, edited, enjoy)

    chapter 1 this time i did some editing, i apologize for the earlier post, when i write i put a lot of words on the page in one go and than worry about editing later, apparently thats not how its done here and i apologize for my lack of editing i just wanted feed back on the story, this should be...
  6. R

    Cameron Flay first chapters (profuse swearing and some violence. enjoy!)

    my urban fantasy set in orlando florida, i dont care to much for editing ill do it in post unless you absolutely feel you have to point it out and fix things, theres about 25 pages here i think hopefully its not to much ill write more if i get positive comments but id love anything you have to...
  7. Nemesis

    Path of Shadows

    Note: I will post the story in scenes and let you know when each chapter ends and begins. Chapter one is completed and revised and can be found --> http://www.writingforums.com/writers-workshop/130815-path-shadows-first-chapter.html I am currently posting parts of chapter two as I come out with...