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urban fantasy

  1. Z

    What would you like to see more of in Urban Fantasy?

    Writing Craft 
    I'm working on such a novel myself and I wanted some more community input on what people would want more (or less) of out of this setting.
  2. R

    My story outline, Ch 1-4 (4 is not completed)

    This is a story outline I’m working on, I want to see what you think. Also I’m not certain if I’m posting this in the right place, so if wrong, I’m sorry. Chapter: 1 Introduce Marco, and his family, Haruna ,and Ryan. Marco gets his mages license after 2 years of training. 2 days later...
  3. R

    Free award winning urban fantasy

    For several rather personal and, to me, valid reasons I decided to offer my bibliography completely free of charge on my author website. Just go to the download page and enjoy. https://asmbeers.wixsite.com/robertleebeers#!
  4. PiP

    Guest interview: G.D. Penman - Urban Fantasy

    Our next interview is with G.D Penman G.D. Penman writes about queer monsters for a living. He is the author of The Year of the Knife (Meerkat Press), Heart of Winter (forthcoming from Meerkat Press), Call Your Steel (Azure Spider Publications), Apocrypha, and others. He is also a...
  5. S

    Help and Feedback Needed for my Synopsis

    I’ve been playing this story idea for a while now and what I find helps me is writing a synopsis. I have written and re-wrote it several times and would love some outsider feedback as my brain is too close to it. I strive to improve my writing in all possible ways. Thank you :) Title...
  6. W

    Too much?

    I'm working on the outline for a new urban fantasy story of mine that includes magic users. I want to add a few science fiction elements as well; set about 100 years in the future where magic is used to help cure diseases and create new technology. But I'm worried about having too many different...
  7. Nickleby

    The Princess and the Shoemaker (urban fantasy) (some content and language)

    [Here's a piece I wrote for a contest several months ago. The deal is, you give me a crit, I give you one for a short story of yours that you specify. If it's not on this subforum, tell me where it is.] Ten o'clock. An hour left on my shift. My feet need a good soak. Once upon a time I...
  8. Razzazzika

    A small time-travel-ish scene tidbit(Urban Fantasy)(939 words)[so far]

    I relayed the time to Bruce. Bruce's eyes looked skyward a moment, or maybe into his head. He started mumbling things under his breath. I heard random words like 'under two days' and 'bubble' and 'is it safe?'. Finally he seemed to decide on something and yelled, "I have a solution!" I squinted...
  9. M

    Bloody Lovely - Book 1: In the Clutches

  10. mochastain

    Healing a Wound

    I wrote this story over the summer in the course of about...I believe an hour (I know, right, it usually takes me a WEEK to churn out something like this!) I plan to include it somewhere in one of my novels and as of now, this scene was supposed to take place somewhere in the middle. I'd explain...