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  1. Annie. Marie


    All energy speaks from the same tongue Individual thought shapes individual reality. Hostility stems from the ego. Questions of who is right. Neglecting that the answer may be Anyone. Chanting recognizes Praying recognizes Mediating. All emanation of related vibrations. Full hearted belief...
  2. kbsmith

    Spittle Makes the Spinning Stop (foul language)

    Have you ever Gome to sleep my dear pretty Gone to sleep; Lost your mind in a drifting sea? Or have you ever crept through a door to change your whole perspective? Well, just yesterday I sat on the back porch of my house, next to the empty swings (a yet uncut tree branch in the way), spitting...
  3. A


  4. Robert

    For A Moment

    I once had a dream of the perfect kiss With the perfect touch from the perfect lips.... My dream has been swallowed up in reality For I have shared a kiss with an angel As you leaned in to me ever so gently Brushing my cheek with your own Leaving a soft imprint of your lips upon me there And as...