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We offer an experience that is safe, welcoming and friendly, regardless of participation level, knowledge or skill. There are several opportunities for writers to exchange tips, engage in discussions about techniques, and grow in their craft. Participate in forum competitions that are exciting and helpful in building skill level! There's so much more to explore!


  1. Tettsuo

    Pitch Wars

    Has anyone here participated in Pitch Wars? I've recently heard of this and I'm interested in signing up to join. So, who's got the lowdown on this jammy-jam?
  2. Mikeyboy_esq

    MARKETING TIP to Increase Visibility of Your Social Media Posts

    As most authors know, social media can be a cheap and effective tool (albeit time consuming) for purposes of promoting yourself and your books. One trick that I've found to increase visibility of my social media reach is to read books by other authors and post honest reviews on my social media...
  3. Allysan

    Trick or Treat, Smell my...Competition!

    Halloween is upon us and the Media Team is thrilled to announce a positively spooktacular competition, to take place on our Facebook and Twitter pages. The theme is "Trick or Treat." Both poetry and prose will be accepted. The limits are as follows: Four lines for poetry and two sentences for...
  4. B

    Social media standing

    I maintain two blogs. One on writing and another about fitness. I want to optimize these blog sites, and so, I use social media as part of my strategy. I have been using my one account in Twitter to create links to my blog sites. I am thinking of creating a whole new different account for...
  5. J

    Hello from West Yorkshire

    Hi, my name is Jo (Mr) and I'm from Dewsbury. I have been a writer for the past 8 years but i have only started sharing my work with the world this year! I attend a creative writing course, which has helped my confidence immensley, and i also have some extremley supportive friends. I may not be...