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    The prehistoric creature mystery

    In my short story I have an animal hunter called Brett who comes across a prehistoric creature in the 21st century that was generally thought to be extinct. The researchers of America sent him after the creature. The chase after the elusive creature sends Brett and his many assistants crashing...
  2. S

    Ravina mystery!

    Hey! Ok so, this script is kinda finished. Stage direction isn't done yet, but I'm going to figure that out later when I find out what's actually possible to do on our small stage. Right now I'm just interested if the story sounds good at all, if the dialogue sounds natural any plot holes i need...
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    ~~~ Second Story By Me. ~~~

    It's called Twist. It's going to be medium-short, just enough so that it's plausible. I know that this will be criticized upon- I welcome it! Please feel free to voice your opinions. :D But for now... It begins. More story parts later. --------- Day 1- Emptiness Why am I here? This...