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travel writing

  1. Galen

    Non-Fiction Writing Categories

    Sorry, if I am duplicating other posts or threads but when I made a search for "travel writing" (non-fiction), did not find anything. I am currently doing a Staycation blog series. I am not a travel writer but I want to improve my writing about travel topics. I actually don't like to travel...
  2. E

    personal story

    you dont have to read this first part, its just a bit of an intro, and explanation. i know that its kind of long, but i just decided to post everything i have got so far. if you dont want to read it all, just read til you get bored and tell me where you got to. i havent written anything...
  3. B

    Great new book to improve your travel writing ("Writing Away" by Lavinia Spalding)

    I'm preparing for a trip to Vietnam in a couple weeks with my boyfriend, and figured it would be a great opportunity to work on my travel writing, since how often do you get such great original material to work with? So I've been browsing travel magazines and such, and while I was in the...