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  1. hvysmker

    A Prisoner In Afghanistan [Adult 4,200] A German imprisoned in an American compound.

    "Welches Jahr?" I ask my driver and guide, thumping one hand on the dash. With no answer, I amend the question to, "What year?" in English. "Mad’in 1990," is the reply. Like most of the world, more English is taught in Turkmenistan than my native German. We left an inn in Gushgy, and are...
  2. R

    Ronny's Missing (Colombian Necktie)

    Disclaimer- Some harsh language I could make up some bullshit story about how I’m a big time kingpin who conducts business with drug lords out in Colombia, all the while raking in millions of dollars right under the government’s nose. I could lie and say any minute now, my men will come...