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  1. Elsey2

    Title Ideas Anyone?

    I've been playing with ideas for titles of a book I'm writing. The story is a mixture of mystery/thriller/romance. It revolves around a secret society at a pristine college. Does anyone have any ideas for a good title? This is something I get stuck on whenever I write.
  2. V

    Capitalization in titles

    Do you think all the important words in titles should be capitalized or is it optional? For example, the title of one of my novels is "Where have all the young girls gone?" but I felt it was too cumbersome to have capitals letters except for the first word, so I left it in sentence format. If it...
  3. P

    Advice on a Title

    I'm writing a book that consists of four novelas. The theme for all the titles is music, each is also the title of a song. Seize the Day: Fourteen-year-old cocaine dealer who ends up in several fights that end in the deaths of a close friend and his pregnant thirteen-year-old girlfriend...