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  1. C

    The Wanderer ---

    From brine that comes and goes Across hot sand Into hills and plains and groves My shadow tells the time And ratchets around my toes The mist falls from the ground And plays where it arose Then heights shrink underfoot As my eyes dry by what blows I blink and turn And see the shiny skirt From...
  2. S.M. grimbldoo


    Neither fireworks nor bells There was no big shebang Just the second hand running circles As I hung out with the gang My wallet didn’t burst with cash Wisdom didn’t rush into my brain Just the minute hand keeping pace Everything was still the same No hair erupted from my chest Nothing more...
  3. R

    Time away from your WIP

    I have had some time out from writing, I turned my head to writing software instead, as well as reading several Stephen King books. Recently I came back and did some more writing and think I can see an improvement. However, I wonder if these improvements are simply cyclical, and have nothing...
  4. K

    My Life - A Nix Reslian Story -1,544 words

    This was done in a skills class. we had to write a story that had 4 twists to it. An evil charter An explosion A beach/the ocean talking animals So its sort of random but i got a great grade on it and so i figured i would post it. Please let me know what you think of it and what i could...